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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jul-2017LOOM: Showing the Dynamics of Power Laws in Twitter DataDoyle, MaryanneKeane, Mark T.
May-2012Lord Cave, the British Empire and Irish Independence - A Test of Judicial IntegrityMohr, Thomas
Jan-2013Los de Abajo: An Early Novel of the Land?Baker, Pascale
Dec-2010Loss of Prolyl Hydroxylase-1 Protects Against Colitis Through Reduced Epithelial Cell Apoptosis and Increased Barrier FunctionTambuwala, Murtaza M.Cummins, Eoin P.Lenihan, Colin al.
Jun-2009Lost books printed in French before 1601Wilkinson, Alexander S.
Jul-2011The Lost Experiment in Exploration and ExploitationKavanagh, Donncha
6-Nov-2010The lost generation of mother and baby homesO'Brien, Valerie
12-Mar-2019Lost in Multidimensional Space: Epistemic Motivations Define and Distinguish Negative AffectMaher, Paul J.Van Tilburg, Wijnand A.P.Igou, Eric R.
Aug-2007Love labour as a distinct and non-commodifiable form of care labourLynch, Kathleen
Sep-2013Low Complexity Concurrent Error Detection for Complex MultiplicationPontarelli, SalvatoreReviriego, P.Bleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.
May-2016Low Complexity Stochastic Optimization-Based Model Extraction for Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersKelly, NoelZhu, Anding
May-2011Low Cost, Wideband Ultrasonic Transmitter and Receiver for Array Signal Processing ApplicationsGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.
13-Aug-2013Low Dose of Amino-Modified Nanoparticles Induces Cell Cycle ArrestKim, Jong AhÅberg, Christofferde Cárcer, GuillermoMalumbres, MarcosSalvati, AnnaDawson, Kenneth A.
Jan-2018Low Energy Availability in Athletes: A Review of Prevalence, Dietary Patterns, Physiological Health, and Sports PerformanceLogue, DanielleMadigan, Sharon M.Delahunt, EamonnHeinen, Mirjam M.Mc Donnell, Sarah-JaneCorish, Clare A.
May-2010Low pay, in-work poverty and economic vulnerability : a comparative analysis using EU-SILCNolan, BrianWhelan, Christopher T.Maitre, Bertrand
Jun-1997Low pay, the earnings distribution and poverty in Ireland, 1987-1994Nolan, BrianHughes, Gerard
Apr-2009Low Power Real-Time Seizure Detection for Ambulatory EEGPatel, KunjanChua, Eric C.-P.Faul, StephenBleakley, Chris J.
26-Mar-2021A Low Profile Highly Isolated Phased Array MIMO Antenna System for 5G Applications at 28 GHzKobal, EnisUsman, MuhammadSiriburanon, TeerachotStaszewski, Robert BogdanZhu, Anding
11-Jun-2020A Low-Complexity Algorithm for Achieving Secrecy Capacity in MIMO Wiretap ChannelsNguyen, Thang VanVu, Quang-DoanhJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
Jun-2011Low-Complexity Concurrent Error Detection for Convolution with Fast Fourier TransformsBleakley, Chris J.Reviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.