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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2009Band gap engineering of (N, Ta)-codoped TiO2 : a first-principles calculationLong, RunEnglish, Niall J.
Dec-2012Band-Limited Volterra Series-Based Digital Predistortion for Wideband RF Power AmplifiersYu, ChaoGuan, LeiZhu, ErniZhu, Anding
Mar-1994Bandwidth Allocation By Pricing In ATM NetworksMurphy, Liam, B.E.Murphy, John
Jun-2013Bank CEOs, executive hubris and the banking crisisBrennan, NiamhConroy, John P.
Nov-2012Bankfull discharge and recurrence intervals in Irish riversAhilan, SangaralingamO'Sullivan, J. J.Bruen, MichaelBrauders, NeillHealy, Darren
Dec-2017Banking Crises and Investments in InnovationPeia, Oana
Aug-2016Banking Union and the ECB as Lender of Last ResortWhelan, Karl
20-Sep-2017Barriers and facilitators to implementing addiction medicine fellowships: a qualitative study with fellows, medical students, residents and preceptorsKlimas, JanSmall, WillAhamad, KeithCullen, Walteret al.
7-Dec-2010Barriers to and Facilitators of Hepatitis C Testing, Management, and Treatment Among Current and Former Injecting Drug Users: A Qualitative ExplorationSwan, DavinaLong, JeanCarr, OliviaLambert, JohnCullen, Walteret al.
Jan-2013Barroso's 'Six-Pack' Revolution. Setting Maximum National Wage Increase Benchmarks for the EU's Member StatesErne, Roland
Jul-2005Bartonella henselae and Domestic cats, JamaicaMessam, Locksley L. McV.Kasten, Megan J.Chomel, Bruno B.Kasten, Rickie W.
Aug-2016The Base of Party Political Support in Ireland: A New ApproachMadden, David (David Patrick)
Jul-2019The Base of Party Political Support in Ireland: An UpdateMadden, David (David Patrick)
May-2010Base-load cycling on a system with significant wind penetrationTroy, NiamhDenny, EleanorO'Malley, Mark
6-Mar-2016Basic behavioural triage and first aidNicholson, Sandra L.
May-2014Basic fibroblast growth factor modifies the hypoxic response of human bone marrow stromal cells by ERK-mediated enhancement of HIF-1α activityFábián, ZsoltRamaduraia, SivaramakrishnanShaw, GeorginaKolch, WalterTaylor, Cormac al.
Jul-2018Basic Stata Graphics for Economics StudentsDenny, Kevin
12-Apr-2014The battle of Clontarf in later Irish traditionNí Úrdail, Meidhbhín
Nov-2014The battle of Clontarf story and GortnacleaNí Úrdail, Meidhbhín
22-Jul-2016A Bayesian algorithm for detecting differentially expressed proteins and its application in breast cancer researchSantra, TapeshDelatola, Eleni Ioanna