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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2004Quantitative analysis of the cardiac fibroblast transcriptome-implications for NO/cGMP signalingSmolenski, Albert P.Schultess, JanDanielewski, Oliveret al.
Jun-2006A quantitative analysis of the net benefits of grid integrated windDenny, EleanorBryans, GarthFitz Gerald, JohnO'Malley, Mark
2-Dec-2011Quantitative assessment of the comparative nanoparticle-uptake efficiency of a range of cell linesdos Santos, TiagoVarela, JuanLynch, IseultDawson, Kenneth A.Salvati, Anna
28-Dec-2018Quantitative comparison of closed-loop and dual harmonic Kelvin probe force microscopy techniquesKilpatrick, Jason I.Collins, LiamWeber, Stefan A. L.Rodriguez, Brian J.
24-May-2007Quantitative determination of tip parameters in piezoresponse force microscopyKalinin, S. V.Jesse, S.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Jan-2019Quantitative Easing and the Hot Potato Effect: Evidence from Euro Area BanksRyan, EllenWhelan, Karl
Nov-2010A quantitative evaluation of the relative status of journal and conference publications in computer scienceFreyne, JillCoyle, LorcanSmyth, BarryCunningham, Pádraig
Jun-2015Quantitative evaluation strategies for urban 3D model generation from remote sensing dataTruong-Hong, LinhLaefer, Debra F.
26-Jul-2010Quantitative MRI analysis of brain volume changes due to controlled cortical impactColgan, Niall C.Cronin, Michelle M.Gobbo, Olivier L.O'Mara, S. M. (Shane M.)O'Connor, WilliamGilchrist, M. D.
Oct-2009Quantitative proteomics in biological researchWilm, Matthias
2016Quantitative studies in Irish financial and macroeconomic historyStuart, Rebecca
2011Quantitative Support for a Qualitative Foundation Reuse Assessment ToolLaefer, Debra F.
28-May-2013Quasi-static deformations of biological soft tissueGilchrist, M. D.Rashid, BadarMurphy, Jeremiah al.
2011Quaternarized pdppz: synthesis, DNA-binding and biological studies of a novel dppz derivative that causes cellular death upon light irradiation.Elmes, Robert B.P.Erby, MarialuisaCloonan, Suzanne M.Quinn, Susan J.Williams, D. CliveGunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur
Dec-2007Que recouvre le terme taki-taki? Fantasmes et réalités (socio)linguistiquesLéglise, IsabelleMigge, Bettina
30-Jan-2019Queer Media TemporalitiesPramaggiore, MariaKerrigan, Páraic
5-Sep-2008Querying Multigranular Spatio-temporal ObjectsCamossi, ElenaBertolotto, MichelaBertino, Elisa
Oct-2013A questionnaire survey reviewing radiologists and clinical specialist radiographers knowledge of CT exposure parametersFoley, Shane J.Evanoff, M. G.Rainford, Louise A.
3-Mar-2019The Quiet Ones: Valuing Introverts in Your BusinessClancy, Annette
Nov-2016Quine, Naturalised Meaning and EmpathyBaghramian, Maria