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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-May-2015Processing Large Graphs: Representations, Storage, Systems and AlgorithmsAjwani, DeepakKarnstedt, MarcelSala, Alessandra
Jan-2011Processing of terrestrial laser scanning point cloud data for computational modelling of building facadesLaefer, Debra F.Truong-Hong, LinhFitzgerald, M.
2003Procurement contracts under limited liabilityParlane, Sarah
2-May-2013Producing a unified graph representation from multiple social network viewsGreene, DerekCunningham, Pádraig
Aug-2016Producing Gender: Mary Sidney Herbert and her Early EditorsClarke, Danielle
Feb-2003Product characteristics and the growth of FDIBarry, FrankHannan, Aoife
Jul-2002Product characteristics and the growth of FDIBarry, FrankHannan, AoifeWhelan, Ciara
Oct-2009A product design ontology for enhancing shape processing in design workflowsCatalano, Chiara E.Camossi, ElenaFerrandes, RosalindaCheutet, VincentSevilmis, Neyir
Jun-2001Product differentiation and firm size distribution : an application to carbonated soft drinksWalsh, Patrick P.Whelan, Ciara
Aug-2002Product differentiation and firm size distribution : an application to carbonated soft drinksWhelan, CiaraWalsh, Patrick P.
2016Production of a recombinant, 40 amino acid helix-loop-helix peptide (EF2-GGC) for incorporation into a novel affinity purification systemVesey, Orla
1985Production of and international trade in alcoholic drinks : possible public health implicationsWalsh, Brendan M.
Sep-2011Production of anticancer polyenes through precursor-directed biosynthesisClark, Benjamin R.O'Connor, StephenFox, DeirdreLeroy, JacquesMurphy, Cormac D.
May-2015Production of drug metabolites by immobilised Cunninghamella elegans: from screening to scale-upQuinn, LauraDempsey, RitaCasey, EoinKane, AylaMurphy, Cormac D.
1-Feb-2011Production of human metabolites of the anti-cancer drug flutamide via biotransformation in Cunninghamella speciesAmadio, JessicaMurphy, Cormac D.
Mar-2010Production of lipopeptides in Bacillus sp. CS93 isolated from PozolMoran, StephenRobertson, KeithParadisi, FrancescaRai, Dilip K.Murphy, Cormac D.
Aug-2011Production of medicated bedding straw: challenges and perspectivesSolan, Patrick J.Valdramidis, Vasilis P.Androny, CamilleO'Donnell, C. P. (Colm P.)Scannell, Amalia G. M.Curran, Thomas al.
22-Jun-2019The Production of Process: The Case of BitcoinEnnis, Paul J.Kavanagh, Donncha
Nov-2012Production of the Novel Lipopeptide Antibiotic Trifluorosurfactin via Precursor-Directed BiosynthesisO'Connor, Neil K.Rai, Dilip K.Clark, Benjamin R.Murphy, Cormac D.
4-Mar-2019Production of Whey-Derived DPP-IV Inhibitory Peptides Using an Enzymatic Membrane ReactorO’Halloran, JohnO'Sullivan, MichaelCasey, Eoin