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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2009Suzuki coupling activity of an aqueous phase Pd nanoparticle dispersion and a carbon nanotube/Pd nanoparticle compositeSullivan, James A.Flanagan, Keith A.Hain, Holger
Jul-2010Swarm intelligent optimisation based stochastic programming model for dynamic asset allocationDang, JingEdelman, DavidHochreiter, RonaldBrabazon, Anthony
19-Dec-2012SWAT: Social Web Application for Team RecommendationBraghin, StefanoYong, Jackson Tan TeckVentresque, AnthonyDatta, Anwitaman
12-Jan-2019Sweet and umami taste perception differs with habitual exercise in malesFeeney, Emma L.Leacy, LeacyO'Kelly, MarkLeacy, NiamhPhelan, AbbieCrowley, LeahStynes, EmilyCasanove, Aude deHorner, Katy M.
15-Dec-2011Switches, Excitable Responses and Oscillations in the Ring1B/Bmi1 Ubiquitination SystemNguyen, Lan K.Muñoz-García, JavierMaccario, Heleneet al.
Mar-2010Symbolic complexity and political division : the changing role of religion in Northern IrelandTodd, Jennifer
2011A symbolic regression approach to manage femtocell coverage using grammatical genetic programmingHemberg, ErikHo, LesterO'Neill, MichaelClaussen, Holger
May-2004Symmetric research joint ventures : cooperative substitutes and complementsLeahy, DermotNeary, J. Peter
2015Symmetry-plane model of 3D Euler flows and mapping to regular systems to improve blowup assessment using numerical and analytical solutionsMulungye, Rachel M.Lucas, DanBustamante, Miguel
Nov-1982Symposium on exchange rate policy and competitivenessMcCarthy, ColmNeary, J. PeterThom, RodneyWalsh, Brendan M.
Nov-1986Symposium on Irish exchange rate policyWalsh, Brendan M.Dowling, Brendan R. (Brendan Robert)
1998Symposium on the economic returns to educationWalsh, Brendan M.
May-2017The symptom phenotype of oncology outpatients remains relatively stable from prior to through one week following chemotherapyMiakowski, ChristineCooper, Bruce A.Aouizerat, BradleyFurlong, EileenFox, Patricia al.
13-Aug-2009Synaptotagmin-like protein 1 interacts with the GTPase-activating protein Rap1GAP2 and regulates dense granule secretion in plateletsNeumüller, OlgaHoffmeister, MeikeBabica, JanGegenbauer, KristinaSmolenski, Albert al.
27-Jan-2013Synaptotagmin-like protein 4 and Rab8 interact and increase dense granule release in plateletsHampson, A.O'Connor, A.Smolenski, Albert P.
21-May-2014Synchronisation for Dynamic Load Balancing of Decentralised Conservative Distributed SimulationBragard, QuentinVentresque, AnthonyMurphy, Liam, B.E.
30-Jul-2019Synchronized Interconnected ADPLLs for Distributed Clock Generation in 65 nm CMOS TechnologyGalayko, DimitriShan, ChuanZianbetov, EldarBlokhina, Elenaet al.
2016Synchronizing Torque Impacts on Rotor Speed in Power SystemsBakhtvar, MostafaVittal, EknathZheng, KuanKeane, Andrew
20-Apr-2009Synergistic effects of Bi/S codoping on visible light-activated anatase TiO2 photocatalysts from first principlesLong, RunEnglish, Niall J.
12-Feb-2010Synergistic effects on band gap-narrowing in titania by codoping from first-principles calculationsLong, RunEnglish, Niall J.