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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2008Habeas Corpus and Military and Naval Impressment, 1756-1816Costello, Kevin
2011A HACCP-based approach to mastitis control in dairy herds. Part 1: DevelopmentBeekhuis-Gibbon, LiesWhyte, PaulO'Grady, Lukeet al.
2011A HACCP-based approach to mastitis control in dairy herds. Part 2: Implementation and evaluationBeekhuis-Gibbon, LiesDevitt, CatherineWhyte, Paulet al.
2013Hacerse hombre: algunas reflexiones desde las masculinidadesVasquez del Aguila, Ernesto
2000HAcK3rZ and Information WarfareMiscione, Gianluca
21-May-2008Handedness and depression : evidence from a large population surveyDenny, Kevin
13-Jun-2008Handedness and depression : evidence from a large population surveyDenny, Kevin
12-Dec-2019Handling Noisy Constraints in Semi-supervised Overlapping Community FindingAlghamdi, ElhamRushe, EllenHossein Zadeh Bazargani, MehranMacNamee, BrianGreene, Derek
26-Nov-2018Handling Tensions in Human Resource Management: insights from paradox theoryKeegan, Anne E.Brandl, JuliaAust, Ina
Mar-2015Hands (after Geta Bratescu)Williams, Nerys
18-Dec-2019Hanseatic Governance: Understanding Blockchain as Organizational TechnologyMiscione, GianlucaKlein, StefanSchwabe, GerhardGoerke, TobiasZiolkowski, Rafael
27-Sep-2018Happy birthday? An observational studyKelly, Gabrielle E.Kelleher, Cecily
2000Harassment of clinical psychologists by clientsDunne, DeirdreCarr, Alan
21-Oct-2019HaRD: a heterogeneity-aware replica deletion for HDFSCiritoglu, Hilmi EgemenMurphy, JohnThorpe, Christina
24-Dec-2018Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of the Frequency Divider FormulaOrtega, AlvaroMusa, AysarMonti, AntonelloMilano, Federico
Aug-2013Harmonic divisors and rationality of zeros of Jacobi polynomialsRender, Hermann
15-Jan-2016Harmonic functions which vanish on a cylindrical surfaceGardiner, Stephen J.Render, Hermann
Sep-2018Harmonic stability of VSC connected Low Frequency AC offshore transmission with long HVAC cablesRuddy, JonathanChen, JunruMeere, RonanO'Loughlin, CathalO’Donnell, Terence Martin
Jan-1995Harmonising Irish tax rates : a computable general equilibrium approachDenny, KevinHannan, AoifeO'Rourke, Kevin H.
17-Jul-2016Harnessing Crowdsourced Recommendation Preference Data from Casual GameplaySmyth, BarryRafter, RachaelBanks, Sam