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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005I limiti della strutturazione dell'informazione in rete - pratiche e semantic webMiscione, Gianluca
26-Apr-2018I Really did That: Sense of Agency with Touchpad, Keyboard, and On-skin InteractionBergstrom-Lehtovirta, JoannaCoyle, DavidKnibbe, JarrodHornbæk, Kasper
2005I significati delle nominalizzazioni in -ATA e i loro correlati morfologiciAcquaviva, Paolo
2011I sindacati europei dopo la crisi globaleErne, Roland
3-Jun-2016'I'd prefer to stay at home but I don't have a choice': Meeting Older People's Preference for Care: Policy, but what about practice?Donnelly, SarahO'Brien, MaritaBegley, EmerBrennan, John
May-2013I'm spiritual but not religious : Implications for research and practiceCasey, Patricia R.
25-May-2020I-nteract: A Cyber-Physical System for Real-Time Interaction With Physical and Virtual Objects Using Mixed Reality Technologies for Additive ManufacturingMalik, AmmarLhachemi, HugoShorten, Robert
Jun-2010I-Seeing the anger in someone's faceStout, Rowland
21-Jun-2012I/O-efficient approximation of graph diameters by parallel cluster growing - A first experimental studyAjwani, DeepakBeckmann, AndreasMeyer, UlrichVeith, David
5-Jan-2015An I/O-efficient distance oracle for evolving real-world graphsAjwani, DeepakMeyer, UlrichVeith, David
Oct-2012I/O-efficient Hierarchical Diameter ApproximationAjwani, DeepakMeyer, UlrichVeith, David
8-Sep-2011I/O-Optimal Distribution Sweeping on Private-Cache Chip MultiprocessorsAjwani, DeepakSitchinava, NodariZeh, Norbert
Apr-1995An ice-cream war : bundling, tying and foreclosureMcDowell, Moore
3-Apr-2019ICPs as an enabler of transformation towards integrated careUrizar, ElenaPanella, MassimilianoBlay, CarlesBardhi, Ornela
30-Jan-2013Ideal evolution of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence when imposing Taylor-Green symmetriesBrachet, Marc E.Bustamante, MiguelKrstulovic, al.
1984Ideal und Wirklichkeit in der Angewandten GeographieButtimer, Anne
16-Jul-2007The identification & economic content of ordered choice models with stochastic thresholdsCunha, FlavioHeckman, James J.Navarro, Salvador
2019Identification and characterisation of effector proteins from Zymoseptoria triticiKarki, Sujit Jung
2015Identification and characterisation of siglec expression on sperm and in the male reproductive tractAlkhodair, Khalid
Oct-2016Identification and characterization of phenolic antioxidant compounds from brown Irish seaweed Himanthalia elongata using LC-DAD–ESI-MS/MSRajauria, GauravFoley, BarryAbu-Ghannam, Nissreen