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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005I limiti della strutturazione dell'informazione in rete - pratiche e semantic webMiscione, Gianluca
26-Apr-2018I Really did That: Sense of Agency with Touchpad, Keyboard, and On-skin InteractionBergstrom-Lehtovirta, JoannaCoyle, DavidKnibbe, JarrodHornbæk, Kasper
2005I significati delle nominalizzazioni in -ATA e i loro correlati morfologiciAcquaviva, Paolo
2011I sindacati europei dopo la crisi globaleErne, Roland
3-Jun-2016'I'd prefer to stay at home but I don't have a choice': Meeting Older People's Preference for Care: Policy, but what about practice?Donnelly, SarahO'Brien, MaritaBegley, EmerBrennan, John
May-2013I'm spiritual but not religious : Implications for research and practiceCasey, Patricia R.
Jun-2010I-Seeing the anger in someone's faceStout, Rowland
21-Jun-2012I/O-efficient approximation of graph diameters by parallel cluster growing - A first experimental studyAjwani, DeepakBeckmann, AndreasMeyer, UlrichVeith, David
5-Jan-2015An I/O-efficient distance oracle for evolving real-world graphsAjwani, DeepakMeyer, UlrichVeith, David
Oct-2012I/O-efficient Hierarchical Diameter ApproximationAjwani, DeepakMeyer, UlrichVeith, David
8-Sep-2011I/O-Optimal Distribution Sweeping on Private-Cache Chip MultiprocessorsAjwani, DeepakSitchinava, NodariZeh, Norbert
Apr-1995An ice-cream war : bundling, tying and foreclosureMcDowell, Moore
30-Jan-2013Ideal evolution of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence when imposing Taylor-Green symmetriesBrachet, Marc E.Bustamante, MiguelKrstulovic, al.
1984Ideal und Wirklichkeit in der Angewandten GeographieButtimer, Anne
16-Jul-2007The identification & economic content of ordered choice models with stochastic thresholdsCunha, FlavioHeckman, James J.Navarro, Salvador
2015Identification and characterisation of siglec expression on sperm and in the male reproductive tractAlkhodair, Khalid
Oct-2016Identification and characterization of phenolic antioxidant compounds from brown Irish seaweed Himanthalia elongata using LC-DAD–ESI-MS/MSRajauria, GauravFoley, BarryAbu-Ghannam, Nissreen
2014Identification and functional characterisation of new ciliary base proteins and investigation of diffusion kinetics across the ciliary transition zone in Caenorhabditis elegans roundwormsSanders, Anna Antoinette Wilhelmina Maria
30-Jan-2017The Identification of a 1916 Irish Rebel: New Approach for Estimating Relatedness from Low Coverage Homozygous GenomesFernandes, DanielSirak, KendraNovak, MarioFinarelli, John A.Carlsson, Jeanette E. L.Ferretti, EdmondoPinhasi, RonCarlsson, Jenset al.
Aug-2012Identification of a key intermediate in the asymmetric Appel process: one pot stereoselective synthesis of P-stereogenic phosphines and phosphine boranes from racemic phosphine oxidesGilheany, Declan G.Rajendran, Kamalraj V.