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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2009K-feldspar sand-grain provenance in the Triassic, west of Shetland : distinguishing first-cycle and recycled sediment sources?Tyrrell, ShaneLeleu, SophieSouders, A. KateHaughton, Peter D. W.Daly, J. Stephen
11-Feb-2019Kalman Filter-based Heuristic Ensemble (KFHE): A new perspective on multi-class ensemble classification using Kalman filtersPakrashi, ArjunMacNamee, Brian
2001Karl Tomm's approach to systemic practiceCarr, Alan
2005Kate O'Brien (1897 - 1974)Meaney, Gerardine
19-Jan-2015Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in liquid using Electrochemical Force MicroscopyCollins, LiamJesse, S.Kilpatrick, J. I.Rodriguez, Brian al.
2001Ken Gergen's argument for social constructionismCarr, Alan
Mar-2014Key performance indicators for mental health and substance use disorders: a literature review and discussion paperHenderson, CarlaKlimas, JanDunne, Columet al.
10-Sep-2007Key-space analysis of double random phase encryption techniqueMonaghan, David S.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanNaughton, Thomas J.Sheridan, John T.
15-Apr-2011The Khavinson-Shapiro conjecture and polynomial decompositionsLundberg, ErikRender, Hermann
8-Apr-2006Khorb-un-ka [Music Composition] CDCraig, Barbara
Jan-2009A kicked oscillator as a model of a pulsed MEMS systemBlokhina, ElenaFeely, Orla
Nov-1999The kids are alright? An analysis of child benefit using Irish dataMadden, David (David Patrick)
Dec-2010Killing in Ireland at the turn of the centuries: contexts, consequences and civilizing processesO'Donnell, Ian
Sep-2014The kinematics and geometry of segment boundaries on normal faultsConneally, John
Jun-2006Kinetics of aqueous photocatalytic oxidation of fulvic acids in a photocatalysis-ultrafiltration reactor (PUR)Fu, J.F.Ji, MinZhao, Y.Q.Wang, Lizhang
Nov-2012Kinship Care : Enhanced SupportO'Brien, Valerie
May-2013Kinship Care : Stability, Disruption and the Place of Support ServicesO'Brien, Valerie
2006Kitchen-Garden-Party-Wall, Arran Road, Dublin 9Donaghy, MarcusDimond, Will
Apr-2008“A knavish people ... so dextrous in bargaining that it is impossible for Christians to expect any advantage in their dealings with them” : London Jewry and the stockmarket during the South Sea BubbleCarlos, Ann M. (Ann Martina)Maguire, KarenNeal, Larry
Dec-2014Knocking on Tax Haven’s Door: Multinational Firms and Transfer PricingDavies, Ronald B.Martin, JulienParenti, MathieuToubal, Farid