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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012N-heterocyclic carbene bonding to cobalt porphyrin complexesAlbrecht, MartinMaji, PathikHäusl, ChristinaMonney, AngèleMüller-Bunz, Helge
Jan-2012Na MeáinWatson, Iarfhlaith
Dec-2008Naming the 'other': children's construction and experience of racisms in Irish primary schoolsDevine, DympnaKenny, MáirínMacneela, Eileen
Jan-2011Nano-textured self-assembled aligned collagen hydrogels promote directional neurite guidance and overcome inhibition by myelin associated glycoproteinAbu-Rub, M. T.Billiar, Kristen L.Es, Maarten Hubertus vanRodriguez, Brian al.
Apr-2005Nanoelectromechanics of polarization switching in piezoresponse force microscopyKalinin, S. V.Gruverman, A.Rodriguez, Brian al.
15-Jul-2015Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis surface topographical heterogeneities: do they matter for initial bacterial adhesion?Allen, AshleyCorreia-Semião, Andrea Joana C.Habimana, OlivierHeffernan, RorySafari, AshkanCasey, Eoin
22-Jul-2015Nanomechanics of Cells and Biomaterials Studied by Atomic Force MicroscopyKilpatrick, J. I.Revenko, IrèneRodriguez, Brian J.
Sep-2013Nanoparticle accumulation and transcytosis in brain endothelial cell layersYe, DongNic Raghnaill, MichelleBramini, MattiaMahon, EugeneÅberg, ChristofferSalvati, AnnaDawson, Kenneth A.
9-Jan-2013Nanoparticle Adhesion to the Cell Membrane and Its effect on Nanoparticle Uptake EfficiencyLesniak, AnnaSalvati, AnnaSantos-Martinez, Maria J.Radomski, Marek W.Dawson, Kenneth A.Åberg, Christoffer
24-Jul-2018Nanoparticles Can Wrap Epithelial Cell Membranes and Relocate Them Across the Epithelial Cell LayerUrbančič, IztokGarvas, MajaKokot, BoštjanCassidy, HilaryMatallanas, Davidet al.
2014Nanoscale characterization of β-phase HxLi1−xNbO3 layers by piezoresponse force microscopyManzo, MicheleDenning, DeniseRodriguez, Brian J.Gallo, Katia
7-Jun-2013Nanoscale infrared absorption imaging permits non-destructive intracellular photosensitizer localization for subcellular uptake analysisKennedy, EamonnAl-Majmaie, RasoulAl-Rubeai, MohamedZerulla, DominicRice, James H.
Sep-2002Nanoscale observation of photoinduced domain pinning and investigation of imprint behavior in ferroelectric thin filmsGruverman, A.Rodriguez, Brian J.Nemanich, R. J.Kingon, A. I.
1-May-2010Nanoscale optical imaging by atomic force infrared microscopyRice, James H.
22-Mar-2007Nanoscale polarization manipulation and imaging of ferroelectric Langmuir-Blodgett polymer filmsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Kalinin, S. al.
4-Mar-2011Nanoscale spectroscopy and imaging of hemoglobinKennedy, EamonnYarrow, FionaRice, James H.
11-Dec-2017Nanostructured apatite-mullite glass-ceramics for enhanced primary human osteoblast cell responseDunne, Conor F.Cooke, GordonKeane, Faoite, DaithíDonnelly, S.C.Stanton, Kenneth T.
31-Jul-2015Narrating the stories of leaked dataMiscione, GianlucaLandert, Daniela
2017Narrating the Stories of Leaked Data: The Changing Role of Journalists after WikiLeaks and SnowdenLandert, DanielaMiscione, Gianluca