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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2003'Zeit für einen Themenwechsel'Erne, Roland
1-Apr-2005Zero is not a Four Letter Word: Studies in the Evolution of LanguageStephens, Christopher R.Nicolau, MiguelRyan, Conor
1-May-2022Zero knowledge proofs based authenticated key agreement protocol for sustainable healthcareGaba, Gurjot SinghHedabou, MustaphaKumar, PardeepLiyanage, Madhusankaet al.
24-Nov-2021Zgodba o AmonijakuWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Pecnik, ZanCurran, Thomas P.
1-Jul-2012Zn, Fe and S isotope fractionation in a large hydrothermal systemGagnevin, DamienBoyce, AdrianBarrie, CraigMenuge, JulianBlakeman, Robert
2003Zombies and their possibilitiesEgan, Ruth P. K.
6-May-2020Zoom Out Camera! The Reflexive Character of an Enactive AccountCummins, Fred
7-Dec-2021Κάτι Τρέχει µε την ΑμμωνίαWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Anestis, VasileiosCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021अमोनिया के बारे में कुछ हैWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Sivachanemougaradjane, JeyajananiCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021অ্যামোনিয়ার ইতিকথাWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Nanda, SumitNag, RajatCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021一个关于氨的故事Wright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Zhang, KexinCurran, Thomas P.
Oct-2006労働組合員 - 「テクノクラシー」欧州競争政策下におけるユーロ民主主義の主体?(下)- ABB-Alstom社およびAlcan-Pechiney-Algroup社の企業合併における対照的な労働組合戦術の比較分析 (Organised labour ' A Euro-democratic social actor within the (technocratic) European competition policy (2)Erne, Roland
Nov-2006労働組合員 -テクノクラシー」欧州競争政策下におけるユーロ民主主義の主体?(上)ABB - Alstom 社およびAlcan - Penchiney-Algroup 社の企業合併における対照的な労働組合戦術の比較分析 (Organised labour ' A Euro-democratic social actor within the (technocratic) European competition policy (1)Erne, Roland