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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Above and below ground responses to competition, and wood property variation in juvenile Sitka spruce clonesDonnelly, Liam
2016Adapting child-robot interaction to reflect age and genderSandygulova, Anara
2015Advanced distribution network modelling with distributed energy resourcesO'Connell, Alison
2016American literatures of dislocation in the age of Cold War transnationalismMiller, Benjamin A.
2015Anisotropic heisenberg quantum spin chains: excitations and neutron-scattering cross sectionsEnglish, Leonard Patrick
2014Applying natural language processing to clinical information retrievalCogley, James
2016The Blackstairs mountains, south east Ireland: Investigating the archaeological potential of an understudied upland landscapeÓ Murchú, Séamus
2017The Blakes of Ballyglunin: Catholic merchants and landowners of Galway town and county in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuriesWalsh, Philip
2016Both the edge and the centre: the politics of understanding music in middle English poetry - an interdisciplinary studyNangle, Sarah J.
2013Carbene-metal complexes as anticancer and antibacterial drug candidatesHackenberg, Frauke Marie
2016Care consciousness: classed care and relational justiceCrean, Margaret
2013Characterisation of micro injection moulding process for replication of micro/nano features and micro componentsZhang, Nan
2013Characterization of laser-produced plasmas for extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray sourcesKambali, Imam
2014Communication practices and citizens' participation in the Colombian water movementLlano Arias, Valeria
2015A computational and experimental study of protein localisation determinants in the mammalian endomembrane systemKranjc, Tilen
2017Control of calcium-protein interactions in designing casein-based food structures with novel functionalityMcIntyre, Irene Margaret
2015Controlled/living radical polymerization of multi-vinyl monomer towards hyperbranched polymers for biomedical applicationsZhao, Tianyu
Jun-2015Creating or Destroying Value through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Marketing PerspectiveRahman, Mahabubur
2015Determinants of early withdrawal and of early withdrawal by reason of disability from the Irish labour force in the third ageLawless, Martin
2016Development of a novel approach to modelling of continuous stirred-tank crystallizers, subject to withdrawal ClassificationWhelan, Ronan