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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2018The Beaker Phenomenon? Understanding the character and context of social practices in Ireland 2500-2000 BCCarlin, Neil
May-2019Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review
May-2016Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review 21
May-2017Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review 22
May-2018Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review 23
May-2010Biosystems Engineering Research Review 15
May-2011Biosystems Engineering Research Review 16
May-2012Biosystems Engineering Research Review 17
May-2013Biosystems Engineering Research Review 18
May-2014Biosystems Engineering Research Review 19
May-2015Biosystems Engineering Research Review 20
May-2009Biosystems Engineering Research Review, 14
May-2005Born alive: the legal status of the unborn child in England and the U.S.A.Casey, Gerard
Jul-2012Changes in the City
Jun-2012Conclusion: Explaining coercive confinement in Ireland: Why was the past such a different place?O'Sullivan, EoinO'Donnell, Ian
2003Creole formation as Language Contact: The case of the Suriname CreolesMigge, Bettina
May-2018The CRITHINKEDU European Course on critical thinking education for university teachers : from conception to deliveryJiang, LaiHuyghe, StevenEvers, MarleenAhern, AoifeMcNally, CiaranO'Sullivan, Johnet al.
Sep-2015Curriculum Design in Higher Education: Theory to PracticeO'Neill, Geraldine
Mar-2010Decision Support Systems: Advances In
1998Disclosure of profit forecasts during takeovers : evidence from directors and advisorsBrennan, Niamh