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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Principal Route: Gender MattersCunneen, MaryHarford, Judith
2011The printed book on the Iberian peninsula, 1500-1540Wilkinson, Alexander S.
Nov-2016Prisoner coping and adaptationO'Donnell, Ian
Aug-2016Producing Gender: Mary Sidney Herbert and her Early EditorsClarke, Danielle
1985Production of and international trade in alcoholic drinks : possible public health implicationsWalsh, Brendan M.
2009Productive stranger : a conversation with Joan NestleO'Donnell, Katherine
2004Profiles of adolescent perpetrators of CSAO'Halloran, MariaCarr, AlanO'Reilly, Garyet al.
2004Profiles of cases referred for CSA assessmentO'Riordan, BethCarr, AlanTurner, Rhonda
2004Profiles of parents of adolescent perpetrators of CSADuane, YvonneCarr, AlanCherry, Joanet al.
2004Profiles of subgroups of cases referred for CSA assessmentNolan, MargrettaO'Flaherty, AnneTurner, RhondaKeary, KayFitzpatrick, CarolCarr, Alan
2015Progressing the relational perspective on MNCs: Beyond headquarters-subsidiary relationshipsPiaskowska-Lewandowska, Dorota AnnaTippmann, EstherAmbos, Tina C.Sharkey Scott, Pamela
1977Projections of labour supply, 1976-86Walsh, Brendan M.
20-Oct-2019Promoting Prosocial Behavior Toward Refugees: Exploring the Empathy-Attitude-Action Model in Middle ChildhoodGlen, CatherineTaylor, Laura K.Dautel, Jocelyn
28-Mar-2019Protein Structure AnnotationsTorrisi, MirkoPollastri, Gianluca
2015PSALMS: Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of PembrokeClarke, Danielle
2001Psychosocial profiles of Irish children with conduct disorders, mixed disorders of conduct and emotion and emotional disordersByrne, JacquelineCarr, Alan
8-Jan-2019The Quakers and the Joint Stock Company: Uneasy BedfellowsKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
29-Jun-2018The Quakers: Forgotten PioneersKavanagh, DonnchaBrigham, Martin
Jan-2010The Qualia of Architectural Experience: On Sullivan, Szarowski, Autobiographies and IdeasCampbell, Hugh
19-Dec-2018Quantifying the Kinase Activities of MST1/2O'Driscoll, Niamh A.Matallanas, David