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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction using finite element modellingGonzález, Arturo
2016A View from Outside the EU Reception Acquis: Reception Rights for Asylum Seekers in IrelandThornton, Liam
2005Virtually Effective: The Measure of a Learning EnvironmentJennings, David
2019Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) for functional characterization of disease resistance genes in barley seedlingsGunupuru, Lokanadha R.Perochon, AlexandreAli, Shahin S.Scofield, Steven R.Doohan, Fiona M.
24-May-2017Volume 3: Sociolinguistics and/of Pidgins and CreolesFarquharson, Joseph T.Migge, Bettina
24-May-2017Volume 4: Pidgins and Creoles and Applied LinguisticsFarquharson, Joseph T.Migge, Bettina
1998Voluntary Disclosure of Profit Forecasts: Factors Influencing Information Disclosed during UK Takeover BidsBrennan, NiamhGray, S. J.
1999Wages and human capitalDenny, KevinHarmon, Colm
Apr-2009The Wages of FearErne, RolandFanning, Bryan
Jan-2017Waiting for the Big Wave: A Fifty Year Retrospective on the Ebb and Flow of Irish Charity RegulationBreen, Oonagh B.
31-Oct-2011Waking the Dead: Antigone, Ismene and Anne Enright's Narrators in MourningMeaney, Gerardine
Nov-2008Was Sally's reason for running from the bear that she thought it was chasing herStout, Rowland
Aug-2011Wax and wane? Insect perspectives on human environment interactionsReilly, Eileen
Nov-2014Welfare, Regulation and DemocracyScott, Colin
2005Wellington Road, Dublin 4Cody, Peter
Aug-2010What are you causing in acting?Stout, Rowland
Mar-2018What do we mean by bodily autonomy? And what does bodily autonomy mean for women in particular?Barry, Ursula
2007What factors determine the use of venture capital? Evidence from the Irish software sectorHogan, TeresaHutson, Elaine
2004'What I wanted was nothing to do with monuments' Erring and Lyn Hejinian's The GuardWilliams, Nerys
1997What is participatory democracy?Baker, John