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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2011Wax and wane? Insect perspectives on human environment interactionsReilly, Eileen
Nov-2014Welfare, Regulation and DemocracyScott, Colin
2005Wellington Road, Dublin 4Cody, Peter
Aug-2010What are you causing in acting?Stout, Rowland
Mar-2018What do we mean by bodily autonomy? And what does bodily autonomy mean for women in particular?Barry, Ursula
2007What factors determine the use of venture capital? Evidence from the Irish software sectorHogan, TeresaHutson, Elaine
2004'What I wanted was nothing to do with monuments' Erring and Lyn Hejinian's The GuardWilliams, Nerys
1997What is participatory democracy?Baker, John
Aug-2015What Role Can Trade Union Education Play in Enhancing Transnational Labour Solidarity?Föhrer, Bianca
2017When Distance is Good: An Upper-Echelons Perspective on the Role of Distance in InternationalizationPiaskowska-Lewandowska, Dorota Anna
Jul-2013Why chickens have no myths: Walker Percy on language and manCasey, Gerard
2010Women and the Irish University QuestionHarford, Judith
1998Women, equality and public policyBarry, Ursula
May-1992Woodland PolyphonyButtimer, Anne
2006Xia LimitedCotter, John
2007You take the high road and I’ll take the low road : economic success and wellbeing in the longer runÓ Gráda, Cormac
Oct-2012Young People's Trajectories through Irish Housing Booms and Busts: headship, housing and labour market access among the under 30s since the late 1960sNorris, MichelleWinston, Nessa
Dec-1990Your Arguments for EqualityBaker, John
Oct-2019Youth Identity, Peace and Conflict: Insights from Conflict and Diverse SettingsMcKeown, ShelleyCavdar, DuyguTaylor, Laura K.