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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Apr-2018Academics Becoming Activists: Reflections on Some Ethical Issues of the Justice for Magdalenes CampaignO'Donnell, Katherine
2003Accessibility, transportation, infrastructure planning and Irish regional policy : issues and dilemmasReynolds-Feighan, Aisling J.
Apr-2013Accounting Narratives and Impression ManagementBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
1995The Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Native Speech Norms: effects of a year abroad on L2 learners of FrenchRegan, Vera
1983Across the briny ocean : some thoughts on Irish emigration to America 1800-1850Ó Gráda, Cormac
29-Sep-2020Acting against your better judgementStout, Rowland
Nov-2012The Addicted Self: A Neuroscientific PerspectiveRegan, Ciaran M.
1-Jan-2009Adiós, Hemingway: il falso policial si piega all'analisi antropologicaBattaglia, Diana Rosa
21-Apr-2011Adorno's Reconception of the DialecticO'Connor, Brian
21-Dec-2006Advertising and the Organizational Production of HumourKavanagh, DonnchaO'Sullivan, Don
2009Affect and the history of women, gender and masculinityO'Donnell, Katherine
29-Oct-2020Affective Equality and Social JusticeLynch, Kathleen
30-Oct-2017‘After Before’: Finding Welsh War PoetryWilliams, Nerys
11-Sep-2017After Kant, Sellars, and Meillassoux: Back to Empirical Realism?O'Shea, James R.
1994After the 'Big Bang' - What? Or Minioan Symbols and Shrines Beyond Palatial CollapsePeatfield, Alan A.D.
Jul-2010After the Mutabilitie Cantos: Yeats and Heaney Reading SpenserGrogan, Jane
3-Sep-2018Afterword: Guide to the Judith Butler's UniverseKondakov, Alexander
2005Agencies for European Regulatory Governance: A Regimes ApproachScott, Colin
2008Agencification, Regulation and Judicialization: American Exceptionalism and Other Ways of LifeScott, Colin
1981Agricultural decline, 1860-1914Ó Gráda, Cormac