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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986O espaço social numa perspectiva interdisciplinarButtimer, Anne
2002Obligatorisches Referendum, Plebiszit und Volksbegehren - drei Typen direkter Demokratie im europäischen VergleichErne, Roland
2005The Odyssey of Instrumental Rationality: Confronting the Englightenment's Interior OtherKavanagh, DonnchaKuhling, CarmenKeohane, Kieran
2022On Sellars’s Analytic-Kantian Conception of Categories as Classifying Conceptual RolesO'Shea, James
2011On the emergence of new language varieties: The case of the Eastern Maroon Creole in French GuianaMigge, Bettina
Mar-2018On the exponence of gender in the Irish DPAcquaviva, Paolo
17-Jun-2013On the Mimesis of Reification: Adorno's Critical Theoretical Interpretation of KafkaO'Connor, Brian
Sep-2008Online education and copyright law: A Law Reform ProposalMohr, Thomas
23-Aug-2016Open Innovation Networks and the Role of Intermediaries: An Agent-Based SimulationSecchi, Enrico
May-2009The origin and development of possibility in the creoles of SurinameMigge, BettinaWinford, Donald
2003The origin of predicate reduplication in the Suriname Eastern Maroon CreoleMigge, Bettina
29-May-2019'Outside their Comfort Zone': Diverse and Engaging Approaches for Students Learning through a Different DisciplineKeenahan, Jennifer
2004Paradoxes of Independence and Accountability in Commonwealth Regulatory GovernanceScott, Colin
10-Sep-2009Pathways to Participation Revisited: Learning from Nicaragua's Child Coffee WorkersShier, Harry
1995A paved way in Bloomhill Bog, Counties Westmeath and OffalyMcDermott, Conor
1-Aug-2018Pádraig Mac a Liondain: bard bhí i stát ins an chrích seoNí Úrdail, Meidhbhín
15-Jan-1984Perception in Four Keys: A CommentaryButtimer, Anne
31-Dec-1993Personalism and brokerage in Dublin politicsKomito, Lee
Sep-2008The Phenomenological Approach: An IntroductionMoran, Dermot
2005The philosophy and politics of equality of conditionBaker, John