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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2007Academic Skills Development and the Enhancement of the Learning ExperienceDowling-Hetherington, LindaRyan, Orna
3-Sep-2020Accelerated Projected Gradient Method for the Optimization of Cell-Free Massive MIMO DownlinkFarooq, MuhammadNgo, Hien QuocTran, Le-Nam
Nov-2010Acceleration and rotation rate profile comparison from inertial sensors mounted on the service arm between tennis players of different skill levelPatterson, MatthewCaulfield, BrianConroy, Luke
12-Jul-2011Acceleration of grammatical evolution using graphics processing unitsPospichal, PetrMuphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelSchwarz, JosefJaros, Jiri
13-Jun-2018Acceleration-based Bridge Scour MonitoringFitzgerald, Paul C.O'Brien, Eugene J.Malekjafarian, AbdollahPrendergast, Luke J.
1-Jan-2005The accretion/ejection paradigm of low mass stars tested with HSTBacciotti, FrancescaRay, Thomas P.Eislöffel, JochenWoitas, JensCoffey, Deirdre
2-Jul-2020Accuracy of instantaneous frequencies predicted by the Hilbert-Huang transform for a bridge subjected to a moving vehicleCasero, MiguelGonzález, ArturoCovián, E.
4-Jul-2007Accuracy of Spread Spectrum Techniques for Ultrasonic Indoor LocationGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.
1-Jul-2009Accurate prediction of blood flow transients : a fluid-structure interaction approachKanyanta, ValentineIvankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandar
21-Feb-2016Actively forming Kuroko-type VMS mineralization at Iheya North, Okinawa Trough, Japan: new geochemical, petrographic and δ34S isotope resultsYeats, ChristopherHollis, Steven P.LaFlamme, Crystalet al.
12-Apr-2014Acute ankle sprain injury alters kinematic and centre of pressure measures of postural control during single limb stanceDoherty, CailbheDelahunt, EamonnBleakley, Chris J.Hertel, JayRyan, JohnCaulfield, Brian
Apr-2010Acute physiological responses to electrical muscle stimulation in a spinal cord injured man – a case studyMcCormack, KirstiCarty, AmandaCoughlan, GarrettCrowe, LouisCaulfield, Brian
10-Sep-2001Ad-Me: A Context-Sensitive Advertising SystemHristova, NataliyaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
5-Sep-2001Ad-me: Intelligent Context-Sensitive Advertising within a Mobile Tourist Guide.Hristova, NataliyaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
29-Jul-2019Adapted CulturagramNí Raghallaigh, Muireann
10-Jun-2009Adapting and Parameterising Auditory Icons for use in a Synthetic Musical InstrumentPhelan, CormacBleakley, Chris J.Cummins, Fred
7-Jun-2019Adapting the Quality of Experience Framework for Audio Archive EvaluationRagano, AlessandroBenetos, EmmanouilHines, Andrew
18-Dec-2015An Adaptive and VANETs-based Next Road Re-routing System for Unexpected Urban Traffic Congestion AvoidanceWang, ShenDjahel, SoufieneMcManis, Jennifer
10-Jan-2015Adaptive GC-aware load balancing strategy for high-assurance Java distributed systemsPortillo Dominguez, Andres OmarWang, MiaoMurphy, JohnMagoni, Damien
31-Aug-2005Adaptive Lagrange Multiplier for Low Bit Rates in H.264Ivanov, YuriBleakley, Chris J.