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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2014E-government Alerts Correlation ModelAl-Mahrouqi, AadilAbdalla, SamehKechadi, Tahar
2011Early stopping criteria to counteract overfitting in genetic programmingTuite, ClíodhnaAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2002The East coast corridor : spatial development strategies for the Dublin-Belfast metropolitan regionsWilliams, BrendanBerry, JimMcGreal, Stanley
2008EasyLife : a location aware service oriented mobile information systemShen, J. M.O'Grady, Michael J.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
30-Jan-2005An Ecological Evaluation of Field Boundary Stone Walls in IrelandCollier, Marcus
11-Oct-2010Economic and technical criteria for designing future off-shore HVDC gridsBell, KeithCirio, DiegoDenis, Anne-MarieHe, LinaLiu, Chen-ChingMigliavacca, GianluigiMoreira, CarlosPanciatici, Patrick
30-Aug-2018Ecostructure: Concrete design for improved marine biodiversityMcNally, CiaranNatanzi, Atteyeh S.
9-May-2019Ecosystem Services and Forest Management in Europe: Perspectives from the EU Project ALTERFORBiber, PeterNordström, Eva-MariaNieuwenhuis, Maarten
16-Dec-2015EDAS– Energy-Efficient Device-based Adaptive Cross-Layer Scheme for Wireless Multimedia TransmissionWang, ShenVenkataraman, HrishikeshMuntean, Gabriel-Miro
Jun-2009EDLA tradeoffs for wireless sensor network target trackingTynan, RichardO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)O'Grady, Michael J.Muldoon, Conor
1-Aug-2018EduCube: The 1U Educational CubeSatMurphy, DavidLynn, DavidMcBreen, SheilaMartin-Carrillo, AntonioCoffey, DeirdreJeffrey, RobertVagg, DanielHanlon, Lorraine
25-May-2017The effect of angles and distance on image-based, three-dimensional re-constructionsChen, SiyuanLaefer, Debra F.Byrne, JonathanNatanzi, Atteyeh S.
23-Nov-2007Effect of Compiler Optimizations on DSP Processor Power and Energy ConsumptionCasas-Sanchez, M.Rizo-Morente, J.Bleakley, Chris J.Gonzalez-Hernandez, Juan
2009The Effect of Constraint on the Fracture Toughness of Adhesively Bonded JointsCooper, V.Ivankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandaret al.
Jan-2013The effect of controlling heavy vehicle gaps on long-span bridge loadingCaprani, Colin C.O'Brien, Eugene J.Lipari, Alessandro
2011Effect of design on the replication of micro/nano scale features by micro injection mouldingZhang, NanBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
Jun-2011Effect of energy harvesting network reactive support on transmission system voltage performanceCuffe, PaulSmith, PaulKeane, Andrew
Jan-2010Effect of generator flow control strategies on the long term dynamics of a model for power systemsFitzmaurice, RonanKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
22-Jul-2016Effect of impact surface in equestrian fallsClark, J. MichioPost, AndrewConnor, Thomas A.Hoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
8-Jul-2012The Effect of Lane Changing on Long-Span Highway Bridge Traffic LoadingEnright, BernardCarey, ColmCaprani, Colin C.O'Brien, Eugene J.