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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2007GALS SoC Interconnect Bus for Wireless Sensor Network Processor PlatformsFernandez, Carlos H.Raval, Rajkumar K.Bleakley, Chris J.
11-Nov-2015A Game with a Purpose for Recommender SystemsSmyth, BarryRafter, RachaelBanks, Sam
16-Jan-2006Garment-based body sensing using foam sensorsDunne, LucyBrady, SarahTynan, RichardLau, KimSmyth, BarryDiamond, DermotO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
30-Jun-2004A GAuGE Approach to Learning DFA from Noisy SamplesNicolau, MiguelRyan, ConorRyan, Eoin
28-Jun-2012Gene Tagging and the Data Hiding RateBalado, FélixHaughton, David
Sep-2017A generalization approach for reduced order modelling of commercial buildingsShamsi, Mohammad HarisO'Grady, WalterAli, UsmanO'Donnell, James
28-Jun-2018Generalized Least Squares Based Channel Estimation for High Data Rate FBMC-OQAMSingh, Vibhutesh KumarFlanagan, Mark F.Cardiff, Barry
10-Oct-2006Generalized model of photopolymer behavior for use in optimized holographic data storage scheduling algorithmsKelly, John V.Gleeson, M. R.Close, Ciara E.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
2015Generating Personalised and Opinionated Review SummariesMuhammad, KhalilLawlor, AonghusRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
27-Jun-2011Generating power footprints without appliance interaction : an enabler for privacy intrusionSintoni, AlexSchoofs, AnthonyDoherty, A.Smeaton, Alan F.O'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Ruzzelli, Antonio G.
7-Sep-2012Generation of a Building Typology for Risk Assessment due to Urban TunnellingClarke, JulieLaefer, Debra F.
18-Nov-2005Generation portfolio analysis for a carbon constrained and uncertain futureDoherty, RonanOuthred, H.O'Malley, Mark
1-Oct-2020A Generic Energy Flexibility Evaluation Framework to Characterise the Demand Response Potential of Residential BuildingsBampoulas, AdamantioSaffari, MohhamadPallonetto, FabianoMangina, EleniFinn, Donal
30-May-2018A Generic Foreground Calibration Algorithm for ADCs with Nonlinear ImpairmentsSalib, ArmiaFlanagan, Mark F.Cardiff, Barry
28-Feb-2017A Genetic Algorithm for a Green Vehicle Routing ProblemOliveira, Paulo Roberto da CostaMauceri, StefanoCarroll, PaulaPallonetto, Fabiano
5-Apr-2002Genetic Algorithms Using Grammatical EvolutionRyan, ConorNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, Michael
Dec-2011Genetic channel capacity revisitedBalado, Félix
21-Jul-2006Genetic Operators and Sequencing in the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelRyan, Conor
12-Jul-2011Genotype-phenotype mapping in dynamic environments with grammatical evolutionFagan, David
5-Mar-2017Geoarchaeology: driving heritage policy or sitting in the backseat? Traditions, politics and 'best practice' variation between statesLewis, Helen