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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-May-2017Parametric analysis of modelling properties governing the seismic response of free-standing spent fuel racksGonzalez Merino, AlbertoCostas de la Peña, LuisGonzález, Arturo
27-Nov-2007Pareto-Optimal Macroblock Classification for Fast Mode Decision in H.264Ivanov, YuriBleakley, Chris J.
25-May-2012Partitioning for Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication with Heterogeneous Processors: The Optimal SolutionDeFlumere, AshleyLastovetsky, AlexeyBecker, Brett A.
Mar-2008Passive and active kinesthetic perception just-noticeable-difference for natural frequency of virtual dynamic systemsLi, YanfangIsrar, AliPatoglu, VolkanO'Malley, Marcia
Sep-1999Passive Profiling and Collaborative RecommendationRafter, RachaelBradley, KeithSmyth, Barry
Aug-2001Passive Profiling from Server Logs in an Online Recruitment EnvironmentRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
29-May-2019Path-Based Statistical Static Timing Analysis for Large Integrated Circuits in a Weak Correlation ApproximationMishagli, DmytroKoskin, EugeneBlokhina, Elena
25-May-2017Pavement Condition Measurement at High Velocity using a TSDMalekjafarian, AbdollahMartinez, DanielO'Brien, Eugene J.
7-Sep-2018Perceived quality of audio-visual stimuli containing streaming audio degradationsMartinez, HelardFarias, Mylène C.Q.Hines, Andrew
2003The perception and attitude of business to the environmental tax reform : an Irish case-studyDunne, LouiseClinch, J. Peter
24-May-2019Performance Analysis of NOMA-Based Cooperative Relaying in alpha-μ Fading ChannelsKumar, VaibhavCardiff, BarryFlanagan, Mark F.
20-Aug-2017Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Clustering Approach for Spatial DatasetsBendechache, MalikaLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Sep-2014Performance Evaluation of a Natural Language Processing approach applied in White Collar crime investigationvan Banerveld, MaartenLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
2011Performance evaluation of an economised indirect multi-temperature transport refrigeration systemSmyth, ShaneBrophy, BarryFinn, Donal
May-2006Performance expectations for microcrystalline waxes for the seismic protection of art objectsCrowley, AnneLaefer, Debra F.
Mar-2008Performance expectations of early 20th century urban American building foundationsLaefer, Debra F.
Dec-2010Performance of DNA data embedding algorithms under substitution mutationsHaughton, DavidBalado, Félix
Feb-2003Performance of high alkali slag concretes in the context of alkali-silica reactionHester, DavidMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Jun-2000The performance of Irish aggregates in the 'ultra-accelerated test' for alkali-aggregate reactivity with particular reference to chert contentMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
30-Aug-2016Performance Testing of a Novel Gravity Base Foundation for Offshore WindAttari, YeganehPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, Kenneth