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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2018Satisfaction Based Channel Allocation Scheme for Self-Organization in Heterogeneous NetworksArani, Atefeh HajijamaliMehbodniya, AbolfazlOmidi, Mohammad JavadFlanagan, Mark F.
12-Sep-2018Saving Lives at Sea with UAV-assisted Wireless NetworksFontanesi, GianlucaZhu, AndingAhmadi, Hamed
28-May-2007Scalability as Institutionalization - Practicing District Health Information System in an Indian State Health OrganizationMiscione, GianlucaSahay, Sundeep
22-Jun-2017Scalable Anti-KNN: Decentralized Computation of k-Furthest-Neighbor Graphs with HyFNBouget, SimonBromberg, Yérom-DavidTaïani, FrançoisVentresque, Anthony
24-Jul-2015Scalable Correlation-aware Virtual Machine Consolidation Using Two-phase ClusteringLi, XiVentresque, AnthonyIglesias, Jesus OmanaMurphy, John
27-May-2017Scalable Disambiguation System Capturing Individualities of MentionsMai, TiepShi, BichenNicholson, Patrick K.Ajwani, DeepakSala, Alessandra
22-Aug-2011Scaling of laser produced plasma UTA emission down to 3 nm for next generation lithography and short wavelength imagingLi, BowenEndo, AkiraO'Gorman, ColmOtsuka, TakamitsuCummins, T. (Thomas)Donnelly, TonyKilbane, DeirdreDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, GerryJiang, WeihuaHigashiguchi, TakeshiYugami, Noboru
11-Dec-2015Scar Ectopic: A waiting game...?Conneely, ColletteKeane, A.DeTavernier, M. C.Moran, Mary
2002Scottish Devolution: A Slippery Path towards Consensus Democracy?Kodate, Naonori
31-Aug-2018Seam carving for content-aware wide-angle projection of panoramic photographyCoughlan, DarrenCuffe, Paul
6-Aug-2009Searching for Jet Rotation Signatures in Class 0 and I JetsCoffey, DeirdreBacciotti, FrancescaChrysostomou, A.Nisini, B.Davis, C.
Jun-2013Seasca bliain faoi bhláth: socio-economic rights and the European Convention on Human RightsThornton, Liam
Dec-2013Security of keyed DNA data embeddingHaughton, DavidBalado, Félix
Mar-2013Sedimentology of the upper Ross Formation (Pennsylvanian) in borehole GSI 09/05 at Ballybunion, Co. KerryObradors-Latre, ArnauHaughton, Peter D. W.Shannon, Patrick M.
24-May-2013Seeds for a heterogeneous interconnectHackett, AdamAjwani, DeepakAli, ShoukatKirkland, SteveMorrison, John P.
Apr-2011Seeking multiple perspectives : a qualitative investigation of ADHD in IrelandMcIntyre, RuthHennessy, Eilis
1-May-2015Segmentation and Scene Content in Moving ImagesBadziahin, DmitryBrosa Planella, FerranFerreira, MarinaHerterich, James al.
7-Jul-2013Self directed home based electrical muscle stimulation training improves exercise tolerance and strength in healthy elderlyCaulfield, BrianPrendergast, AnnRainsford, GaryMinogue, Conor
16-Apr-2012A Self-adaptive Unifying Mechanism For Autonomous Energy Management In Wireless Sensor NetworksXu, LinaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Collier, RemMurdoch, Olga
14-Oct-2011Semantic-based subtree crossover applied to dynamic problemsNguyen, Quang UyMurphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelNguyen, Xuan Hoai