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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2007Validating the backtests of risk measuresCotter, JohnZhong, Yan Ping
21-Jul-2016Validating unit commitment models: A case for benchmark test systemsMelhorn, Alexander C.Li, MingsongCarroll, PaulaFlynn, Damian
Jun-2010Validation of a functional fatigue protocolMcGrath, DeniseCaulfield, Brian
17-Apr-2009Validation of a morphogenesis Model of Drosophila Early Development by a Multi-objective evolutionary Optimization AlgorithmDilão, RuiMuraro, DanieleNicolau, MiguelSchoenauer, Marc
20-Aug-2016Validation of temporal gait metrics from three IMU locations to the gold standard force platePatterson, MatthewJohnston, WilliamO'Mahony, NiamhCaulfield, Brianet al.
3-Mar-2018Value of inspection in fatigue management of steel structuresZou, GuangBanisoleiman, KianGonzález, Arturo
2006Valuing urban green space : hypothetical alternatives and the status-quoBullock, Craig
Oct-2010Variability of load and net load in case of large scale distributed wind powerHolttinen, HanneleKiviluoma, JuhaEstanqueiro, AnaAigner, TobiasWan, Yih-HueiMilligan, Michael R.
28-Jun-2007Variance-based Clustering Technique for Distributed Data Mining ApplicationsAouad, LamineLe-Khac, Nhien-AnKechadi, Tahar
Dec-2009Variational Bayesian inference for the Latent Position Cluster ModelSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
1-Jan-2019Variations of safety factors for bridges over their lifetime considering changing live load definitionsHanley, CiaránFrangopol, Dan M.Kelliher, DenisPakrashi, Vikram
Jul-2008Varying penetration ratios of wind turbine technologies for voltage and frequency stabilityVittal, EknathKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
10-May-2017Vectors and drivers of connected health in Europe: a foundation for integrated careMountford, NicolaChouvarda, IoannaIsomursu, MinnaCaulfield, Brianet al.
29-Jun-2019Vehicle Tax Design and Car Purchase Choices: A Case Study of IrelandRyan, L. (Lisa B.)Petrov, Ivan
Mar-2008Viability assessment of terrestrial LiDAR for retaining wall monitoringLaefer, Debra F.Lennon, Donal
Jul-2008The viability of balancing wind generation with storageFeeley, C.Bryans, A. G.Nyamdash, BatsaikhanDenny, EleanorO'Malley, Mark
30-Aug-2018Vibration tests of an underwater free-standing 2-rack systemGonzalez Merino, AlbertoCostas de la Peña, LuisGonzález, Arturo
Jun-2014Viewer versus Film: Exploring Interaction Effects of Immersion and Cognitive Stance on the Heart Rate and Self-Reported Engagement of Viewers of Short FilmsRooney, BrendanHennessy, EilisBálint, Katalin
1-Jun-2009Views from the coalface : chemo-sensors, sensor networks and the semantic sensor webHayes, JerO'Connor, EdelCleary, JohnKolar, H.R.McCarthy, RobertTynan, RichardO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Smeaton, Alan F.O'Connor, Noel E.Diamond, Dermot
8-Sep-2016A Virtual Full Duplex Distributed Spatial Modulation Technique for Relay NetworksShehni, AmirNarayanan, SandeepFlanagan, Mark F.