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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2006Water Framework Directive - integration, negotiation and communication of optimal measures with stakeholders (WINCOMS) : STRIVE reportBruen, MichaelKelly, MaryMagette, W. L.Gaffey, E.Kochanek, K.Bryan, S.Hallissey, Ronan
5-May-1996WAVE - A European Research Project on Weigh-in-MotionJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.
1-Sep-2017Wave Energy Extraction in the Northeast Atlantic: Future Wave Climate AvailabilityJanjić, JelenaGallagher, SarahDias, Frédéric
11-Jul-2014Wave height quantification using land based seismic data with grammatical evolutionDonne, SarahNicolau, MiguelBean, Christopher J.O'Neill, Michael
2-Jul-2015Wave-Based Attitude Control of Spacecraft with Fuel Sloshing DynamicsThompson, Joseph W.O'Connor, William
May-2012Wave-based control of under-actuated flexible structures with strong external disturbing forcesO'Connor, WilliamHabibi, Hossein
22-May-2015A waveform-shaping millimeter-wave oscillator with 184.7dBc/Hz FOM in 40nm digital CMOS processLuo, XunQian, Huizhen JennyStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
1997A way forward for environmentally sensitive farming that meets the needs of public and farmerBullock, CraigMcHenry, H.L.
2011A Weapon of Choice: replication of damage in Irish Early Bronze Age HalberdsGilchrist, M. D.O'Flaherty, Ronan
2-Sep-2010Wearable Absolute 6 DOF Exercise Training System for Post Stroke RehabilitationYadav, NageshBleakley, Chris J.Lennon, Olive
2008(Web Search) shared : social aspects of a collaborative, community-based search networkCoyle, MauriceSmyth, Barry
17-Jun-2010A Week in the Life of the Most Popular BitTorrent SwarmsScanlon, MarkHannaway, AlanKechadi, Tahar
2005Weigh-in-Motion: Recent Developments in EuropeJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.
Feb-2014What are economic, social and cultural rights?Thornton, Liam
26-Apr-2017What are the main sources of nutrient inputs to Ireland's aquatic environment?Mockler, Eva M.Deakin, JennyDaly, DonalBruen, MichaelArchbold, Marie A.
7-Sep-2017What Can I Help You With?: Infrequent Users Experiences of Intelligent Personal AssistantsCowan, Benjamin R.Pantidi, NadiaCoyle, DavidMorrissey, KellieClarke, P. (Peter)Al-Shehri, SaraEarley, DavidBandeira, Natasha
2-Mar-2019What Do CS1 Syllabi Reveal About Our Expectations of Introductory Programming Students?Becker, Brett A.Fitzpatrick, Thomas
24-Jul-2019What elements of a community help undergraduates gain confidence?Güven, JasminMcCormack, TomCoffey, DeirdreSokell, EmmaNí Shúilleabháin, AoibhinnFracchiolla, Claudia
8-Sep-2022What factors are driving the increasing number of transnational labour protests in Europe (1997-2019)?Erne, RolandNowak, Jörg
Jun-2009What have the neighbours ever done for us? A collaborative filtering perspectiveRafter, RachaelO'Mahony, Michael P.Hurley, Neil J.Smyth, Barry