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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Aug-2020Seaweeds, the "food factories" from the seaGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
27-Jul-2017A Stain on Us AllThornton, Liam
4-Oct-2015Sustainable Management of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Waste - A Global ChallengeCurran, Thomas P.
1996Therapeutic dilemmas and crisis phonecalls in family therapy: Guidelines for positive practiceCarr, Alan
6-Apr-2020There is little evidence the EU’s post-crisis economic governance regime has moved in a more ‘social’ directionJordan, JamieMaccarrone, VincenzoErne, Roland
12-Jul-2018Trade Union density in Ireland since 2003: what do the statistics tell us?Walsh, Frank
Feb-2018Training the next generationGonzález, ArturoPerrotta, Federico
2008A Turkish Import in County Meath: Mediterranean Pottery on the M3Kelly, Amanda
14-Nov-2016The tyranny of satisfaction reigns in organisationsClancy, Annette
14-May-2009Verification vanishing as data goes electronicKendlin, ValerieByrne, Ursula
29-Jul-2015'Wake up the doctors' and teach them addictionsKlimas, Jan
18-Feb-2016Was Roger Casement's Trial a Legal Travesty?Howlin, Niamh
23-Jun-2014Web Development Skills for Information ArchitectsWusteman, Judith
21-Jul-2015Welcome to Ireland: Migrants who crossed Med face flawed direct provision systemThornton, Liam
25-Jan-2018We’re only paying lip service to asylum seekers’ right to workThornton, Liam
11-Jun-2020World Heritage Sites Race to Adapt to a Warming PlanetWigboldus, LeannaFogarty, Irene
27-Aug-2003'Zeit für einen Themenwechsel'Erne, Roland