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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Soundless chemical demolition agents performance under cold and cool temperatures in concrete and masonry structuresNatanzi, Atteyeh S.
2015Spatial and spatio-temporal modelling of Sitka spruce tree growth from forest plots in Co. WicklowO'Rourke, Sarah
2017Spatial data storage and processing strategies for urban laser scanningVo, Anh-Vu
2016Spatio-temporal characterisation of microseism sources in the north east Atlantic regionCraig, David
2016Spectral properties of nonnegative matricesEllard, Richard
2015Stomatal responses to biotic and abiotic stressHolohan, Aidan David
2013Studies of extreme ultraviolet emission from laser produced plasmas, as sources for next generation lithographyCummins, T. (Thomas)
2014Studies of inverse-Compton emission in the Crab Nebula and the BL Lac object 1ES 1959+650O'Faolain de Bhroithe, Anna
2017Study of Distributed Dynamic Clustering Framework for Spatial Data MiningBendechache, Malika
2013Study of Peer-to-Peer Network Based Cybercrime Investigation: Application on Botnet TechnologiesScanlon, Mark
2013Study of the non-proteinogenic delta-amino acid ACCA, its biological investigation and applicationPes, Lara
2014Surveillance, survival and adaptation of Cronobacter species in low-moisture environmentsYan, QIongqiong
2015Tissue characerisation of lung fibrosis: assessment with late-enhancement magnetic resonance imagingBrady, Darragh
1969Two voices of Seamus O'Kelly : A study of the man and his worksCavanaugh, Catherine L.
2016The usual suspects and usual spaces? People and place in complaints about Irish policeMoss, Brian
2017Visual perception of social directional cues that facilitate joint attentionCooney, Sarah Maeve
2012Visualization and quantification of HIV associated lipodystrophy from magnetic resonance imagesO'Sullivan, Tadhg