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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Electroweak and Higgs measurements using tau final states with the LHCb detectorIlten, Philip
2017Enhancing the utility of anonymized data in privacy-preserving data publishingAyala-Rivera, Vanessa
1984Enlarging Irish hate : the objects and uses of Yeatsian hateHassett, Joseph M.
2017Entangled in Story: Narrative Ethics of Memory in Contemporary Irish FictionByrd, Brandi
2015Evaluation models for different routing protocols in wireless sensor networksCao, Ning
2013Exploring communication and representation of the self in a virtual world by young people with autismNewbutt, Nigel
2015Exploring the developmental plasticity of plant cells: somatic embryogenesis in root explantsHunt, David J.L.
2013Farm afforestation in Ireland: A multi-method study exploring farmers’ decision-making with regard to forestry as an alternative land-use optionDüsberg, Stefanie
2016Farming systems and household food security in Tanzania: the case of Mvomero and Kishapu districtsMassawe, Goodluck Dastan
2015Forensic readiness capability for cloud computingDe Marco, Lucia
2018Fourier Phase Dynamics in Turbulent Non-Linear SystemsMurray, Brendan
2016General Purpose Technologies from a Knowledge Perspective – A Computational Social Science Approach to Innovation Networks in NanotechnologySchrempf, Benjamin Karl
Sep-2006Genetic Algorithms using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, Miguel
2015Genetic control of dairy cow reproductionMoore, Stephen
2017Giant cell arteritis: diagnostic tools, treatment targets, and pathogenic pathwaysConway, Richard
2013HF dissociation in water clusters by computer simulationsElena, Alin Marin
2015A high content screening microscopy approach to dissect nanoparticle uptake and trafficking in mammalian cellsPanarella, Angela
2015A high content screening microscopy approach to dissect the mechanism of Golgi-to-ER retrograde trafficGalea, George
2019Identification and characterisation of effector proteins from Zymoseptoria triticiKarki, Sujit Jung
2015Identification and characterisation of siglec expression on sperm and in the male reproductive tractAlkhodair, Khalid