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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Ecology and conservation of wild giraffe in the northern Namib DesertHart, Emma E.
2022The effect of soil P on N2O emission and N-cycling in Irish grasslandsO'Neill, Róisín Mary
2022The effects of crop establishment system and field traffic on soil physical properties, root system architecture and crop yield of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under a range of soil texturesHobson, David
2021Effects of Exercise on Glycaemic Control and Skeletal Muscle Function in Type 1 DiabetesMinnock, Dean
2022The effects of vitamin D on the cellular responses, molecular immunity, and mycobacterial killing in cattleFlores Villalva, Susana
2022Eigenperturbation-based Detection of Features of Interest and the Importance of Stochastic Differential Equations in Understanding the Behaviour and Control of Dynamical SystemsMucchielli, Paul
2022Electric field Phenomena at Water/Metal-Oxide Interfacesde Oliveira Jardim, Stephanie
2020Electromagnetic Side-Channel Analysis Methods for Digital Forensics on Internet of ThingsSayakkara, Asanka P.
2013Electroweak and Higgs measurements using tau final states with the LHCb detectorIlten, Philip
2022Elevated CO2 regulates monocyte differentiation and macrophage activationStrowitzki, Moritz
2022Elucidating the Mechanism of Action of the Novel Remyelination Therapy NefiracetamMc Donnell, Lisa
2022An Empirical Study of the impact of Turbulent Events, Trading Connections, and Policy Uncertainty on China's Interaction with Global Major Stock MarketsShi, Yujie
2022Enantioselective Synthesis of Functionalised Vinyl SulfonesShen, Wen
2022English in Kuwait: A Pattern-Driven PerspectiveAlenezi, Mohammad
2017Enhancing the utility of anonymized data in privacy-preserving data publishingAyala-Rivera, Vanessa
1984Enlarging Irish hate : the objects and uses of Yeatsian hateHassett, Joseph M.
2017Entangled in Story: Narrative Ethics of Memory in Contemporary Irish FictionByrd, Brandi
2022Essays on Crime and MigrationZambiasi, Diego
2022Essays on portfolio optimization and estimation riskKovalenko, Illia
2022Essays on sustainable finance across asset classes : empirical evidence from China and USGao, Yumeng