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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016General Purpose Technologies from a Knowledge Perspective – A Computational Social Science Approach to Innovation Networks in NanotechnologySchrempf, Benjamin Karl
Sep-2006Genetic Algorithms using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, Miguel
2015Genetic control of dairy cow reproductionMoore, Stephen
2017Giant cell arteritis: diagnostic tools, treatment targets, and pathogenic pathwaysConway, Richard
2013HF dissociation in water clusters by computer simulationsElena, Alin Marin
2015A high content screening microscopy approach to dissect nanoparticle uptake and trafficking in mammalian cellsPanarella, Angela
2015A high content screening microscopy approach to dissect the mechanism of Golgi-to-ER retrograde trafficGalea, George
2015Identification and characterisation of siglec expression on sperm and in the male reproductive tractAlkhodair, Khalid
2014Identification and functional characterisation of new ciliary base proteins and investigation of diffusion kinetics across the ciliary transition zone in Caenorhabditis elegans roundwormsSanders, Anna Antoinette Wilhelmina Maria
2016Identification of histone post-translational modifications and epigenetic complex members by mass spectrometryGambero Mota, Salvador Guillermo
2016The impact of guide trees in large-scale protein multiple sequence alignmentsBoyce, Kieran
2016Incommensurability, relativism, and scientific knowledgeMorrissey, Brian Patrick
Feb-2006Inscribed landscapes: contextualising prehistoric rock art in IrelandO'Connor, Blaze
Jan-2016An integrative 'omics approach to define functional variation between the human and bovine tubercle bacilliMalone, Kerri M.
2012Internalising interaction protocols as first-class programming elements in multi agent systemsLillis, David
2017An investigation into the neurocognitive processes underlying motor imageryO'Shea, Helen
Nov-2011An investigation of innovation and knowledge creation in virtual worldsO Riordan, Niamh
2015Judicial interactions around WTO dispute settlement: sovereinty and deferenceFei, Xiuyan
Sep-2014The kinematics and geometry of segment boundaries on normal faultsConneally, John
2014Laser produced plasmas as a source of ions, protons and X-raysStefanuik, Robert