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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016General Purpose Technologies from a Knowledge Perspective – A Computational Social Science Approach to Innovation Networks in NanotechnologySchrempf, Benjamin Karl
Sep-2006Genetic Algorithms using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, Miguel
2015Genetic control of dairy cow reproductionMoore, Stephen
2022Geographies of LGBTQ+ Activisms: Ireland After Marriage EqualityMcCartan, Andrew
2017Giant cell arteritis: diagnostic tools, treatment targets, and pathogenic pathwaysConway, Richard
2020Harmonious dissonance : Jazz-Age U.S.A. and avant-gardism in the poetry of Luis Cernuda, Federico Garcia Lorca and Rafael AlbertiKelleher, Annmarie
2013HF dissociation in water clusters by computer simulationsElena, Alin Marin
2020Hidden depths and empty spaces? A remote sensing approach to the exploration of settlement patterns, identity and social hierarchy in early medieval Ireland (AD 400 - 1100)Curran, Susan
2015A high content screening microscopy approach to dissect nanoparticle uptake and trafficking in mammalian cellsPanarella, Angela
2015A high content screening microscopy approach to dissect the mechanism of Golgi-to-ER retrograde trafficGalea, George
2022High Resolution Spectroscopy of Laser-Produced Lanthanide Plasmas and Investigations of High Harmonic RadiationWhite, Elgiva
2022The Hospital in Medieval Ireland, 1170-1540: an ArchaeologyIvory, Thomas C.
2021How Early Rewards Influence Choice: Targeting model-free processing through reward timingGaraialde, Diego
2020Human-centred recommendations to maximise the potential for digital health in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseSlevin, Patrick
2019Identification and characterisation of effector proteins from Zymoseptoria triticiKarki, Sujit Jung
2015Identification and characterisation of siglec expression on sperm and in the male reproductive tractAlkhodair, Khalid
2014Identification and functional characterisation of new ciliary base proteins and investigation of diffusion kinetics across the ciliary transition zone in Caenorhabditis elegans roundwormsSanders, Anna Antoinette Wilhelmina Maria
2016Identification of histone post-translational modifications and epigenetic complex members by mass spectrometryGambero Mota, Salvador Guillermo
2020Identifying the Cognitive Mechanisms that Mediate the Analgesic Benefits of Music Listening InterventionsHowlin, Claire
2016The impact of guide trees in large-scale protein multiple sequence alignmentsBoyce, Kieran