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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Identification and characterisation of effector proteins from Zymoseptoria triticiKarki, Sujit Jung
2015Identification and characterisation of siglec expression on sperm and in the male reproductive tractAlkhodair, Khalid
2014Identification and functional characterisation of new ciliary base proteins and investigation of diffusion kinetics across the ciliary transition zone in Caenorhabditis elegans roundwormsSanders, Anna Antoinette Wilhelmina Maria
2016Identification of histone post-translational modifications and epigenetic complex members by mass spectrometryGambero Mota, Salvador Guillermo
2020Identifying the Cognitive Mechanisms that Mediate the Analgesic Benefits of Music Listening InterventionsHowlin, Claire
2016The impact of guide trees in large-scale protein multiple sequence alignmentsBoyce, Kieran
2022Impact of noise (auto)correlation on power system dynamic performanceAdeen, Muhammad
2020Impingement of dorsal spinous processes and their effect on performance in the Thoroughbred RacehorseDerham, Ann
2020Improving multi-label classification using inter-label associations and a new Kalman filter based ensemble methodPakrashi, Arjun
2022An in vitro and in vivo Assessment of the Effects of Alpha-MSH on Skeletal Muscle Glucose Uptake in Healthy Human VolunteersSwan, Patrick
2021In vitro and in vivo investigation of the potential of dietary natural bioactives to improve parameters of the gastrointestinal health in weaned pigs and broiler chickensVenardou, Brigkita
2016Incommensurability, relativism, and scientific knowledgeMorrissey, Brian Patrick
2022Influence of Prior Employers and Capital within Entrepreneurial EcosystemsWalsh, Kevin
2022Informed Consent in Clinical TrialsO'Sullivan, Lydia
2022Initial Teacher Education in Ireland: A Philosophical PerspectiveO'Brien, Elizabeth Mary
2021Injury Trends in Field Hockey: "Establishing the Extent of the Problem"Rees, Huw
2019Innovations in the delivery and evaluation of contextual CBT interventionsO'Connor, Martin
Feb-2006Inscribed landscapes: contextualising prehistoric rock art in IrelandO'Connor, Blaze
2020Integrating the asylum population and migrants into the labour marketWong, Man Wing (Lorraine)
Jan-2016An integrative 'omics approach to define functional variation between the human and bovine tubercle bacilliMalone, Kerri M.