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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2014The kinematics and geometry of segment boundaries on normal faultsConneally, John
2014Laser produced plasmas as a source of ions, protons and X-raysStefanuik, Robert
2020Leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from reclaimed asphalt : an assessment using standard and novel laboratory tests and a newly developed leaching modelQuinn, A. (Aoife)
2017Limited Conventions about MoralsFerreira, Marinus
2022Long-time methods for Molecular Dynamics simulations: Markov State Models and MilestoningNarayan, Brajesh
2022Looking Backward to Move Forward: Legitimation and Authoritarian Origins In East AsiaLee, Junhyoung
26-Mar-2020Low-Power Analog-to-Digital Converters in Nanometer CMOS for IoT ApplicationsWang, Hongying
2022Machine-learning for force-fields in molecular simulation: Water, Metal Oxides and their InterfacesShiranirad, Mozhdeh
2022Magnetic Nanoparticle Composites in Complex Matrices: The Role of Particle Dispersion in Providing Controlled Stimulus ResponseMcKiernan, Eoin
2022Mapping social, ideological and economic transformations: Settlement and landscape in the early medieval kingdom of Brega, AD 400-1100Duffy, Martin
2017Materials Analysis of Bacterial Adhesion and Early-Stage Biofilm DevelopmentAllen, Ashley
Aug-2015Mathematical modeling and optimization of wave energy converters and arraysSarkar, Dripta
2016Maturity onset diabetes of the young: novel insights into the diagnosis, optimal treatment and clinical progression of the condition using biomarkers and new technology.Bacon, Siobhan
2020Merging of RF Oscillator and Power Amplifier to Enable Fully Integrated Transmitters for Internet-of-ThingsXu, Kai
2010Metaphysical possibilitiesEgan, Ruth P. K.
2013Micro-simulation modelling of traffic loading on long-span bridgesLipari, Alessandro
2015Mixed mode fracture in fibre reinforced polymer compositesConroy, Mark
2014A model of collaboration-based reputation for social recommender systemsMcNally, Kevin
2021Modeling and Stability Analysis of Power Systems with Discontinuous Right Hand Side Differential, Algebraic EquationsMurad, Mohammed Ahsan Adib
2022Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium bovis virulence factorsUrtesun Elizari, Jose Maria