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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Pain sensitization and exercise-induced hypoalgesia in people with knee osteoarthritisFingleton, Caitriona
2022Parental Emotion Socialisation and Blame in children with emotional and behavioural difficultiesMcKenna, Róisín
2020A Participatory Action Research Study to inform the Development and Implementation of Combined Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Care Provided in the Context of Advanced Practice NursingBlanchfield, Denise
2020Patterns and determinants of dietary fat intake in Irish childrenO'Connor, Aileen
2022PEAR: A super-resolution imaging technique throughactive plasmonicsO'Toole, Silas
2022Peeling the Curriculum-reform Onion: How to Avoid Teachers Ending Up in Tears? A multi-phase, multi-method study exploring teacher agency in the context of engagement with Ireland's new CurriculumÓ Breacháin, Conall
2016Performance optimisation of clustered java systemsPortillo Dominguez, Andres Omar
2017Physiological and transcriptomic modifications induced by atmospheric and soil water deficits in robusta coffeeThioune, Elhadji
2015Policies and practices of parental involvement and parent-teacher relations in Irish primary education: a critical discourse analysisBennett, Brigid
Sep-1985Politics and Clientelism in Urban Ireland: information, reputation, and brokerageKomito, Lee
2021Population dynamics of an Arctic migrant: From individual fitness to long term trendsDoyle, Susan
2016Power system planning for high renewables penetration: voltage stability and system frequency aspectsBakhtvar, Mostafa
2020Predicting Protein Structural Annotations by Deep and Shallow LearningTorrisi, Mirko
2021The Private Instrumental Music Education Market in Ireland. Class positioning, cultural opportunity, insurance against risk?Conaghan, Dorothy
2014Probing electromechanical coupling in collagen at the nanoscale via scanning probe microscopyDenning, Denise
2022Processing In-Field Proximal Images of Wheat and Barley Using Deep LearningRasti, Sanaz
2016Professionalism in a changing tax environment : the impact of general anti-avoidance legislation on the accounting professionHolst, Susan
2022Profile Calculation and Bridge Damage Detection Using Vehicle-based Inertial Readings and the Fleet Monitoring ConceptRen, Yifei
2016Progressing understanding of episodic stream acidification in upland plantation conifer forested subcatchments in IrelandBlacklocke, Sean
2022Promoting Sexual Health: Exploring the Role of School-Based Sex Education Programmes on Sexual Health Behaviours of Young Adults in Ireland. A Mixed Methods InvestigationNiland, Rachel