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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Radical Conceptual Change: From Inference to Semantic DriftBizri, Rana
2022Radicalising homeland: agency, temporality and spatiality in Kurdish Freedom Movement's representations of KurdistanVentura, Francesco
2022#RapeCulture: An Examination of Rape Culture and Its Manifestations On Social Networking Site Twitter, 2016-2017.Dunne, Sarah Anne
Sep-2013Reactive Power From Distributed Generators : Characterisation and Utilisation of the ResourceCuffe, Paul
2015Real-time monitoring and validation of waste transportation using intelligent agents and pattern recognitionRussell, Sean E.
2014Recommending user connections by utilising the real-time WebHannon, John
2021Reference Oversampling for Digital Frequency SynthesisDu, Jianglin
2022Reformulating the contribution of EU Private International Law to the development of the private enforcement of EU Competition LawSoptica Vid, Alexandru Gabriel
2020The reproductive impact and predictive biomarkers of purulent vaginal discharge in dairy cowsRyan, Nicholas
2022Reproductive tract disease and estrus detection inaccuracy in Irish seasonal calving pasture-based dairy cowsKelly, Emmet
2020Retinal directionality and wavefront sensing using a digital micromirror deviceCarmichael Martins, Alessandra
2022The role of Calcareous Marine Algae in Reducing the Negative Health and Production Consequences of Disrupted Rumen Fermentation in Dairy CowsNeville, Enda
2022The role of diffusion based magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of bone bruising of the kneeAlqattan, Abrar
2016The role of unsatisfiable Boolean constraints in lightweight description logicsArif, Muhammad Fareed
2022Safety Planning with Adolescents at Risk of Self HarmO'Connor, Maeve
2022School children’s experience of engaging in A Lust for Life Schools ProgrammeHoctor, Emma
29-Apr-2009Schottenklöster: the early history and architecture of the Irish Benedictine monasteries in medieval GermanyÓ Riain, Diarmuid
2022A Sea of Change- Intergenerational perspectives on transitions of learning, identity and belonging in small Irish coastal communitiesCrummy, Aoife
2020Seclusion in the context of recovery-oriented practice: the perspectives and experiences of staff and service usersStíobhairt, Antaine
1978Selection and transmission processes within the Irish National System of education : 1831-1900Kelly, Mary J.