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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Tectnostratigraphic Interactions in Rift Basins - Constraints from Forward Stratigraphic ModellingO Donnell, Eoin
Feb-2006Telemedicina in Alta Amazzonia: Una prospettiva di sviluppo sanitario fra diverse pratiche di curaMiscione, Gianluca
2020Temperature Management of Outborn Preterm Infants During Inter-hospital Transfer After BirthCunningham, Katherine Mary
2020'This Game Plays You as Much as You Play It': Self Reflexivity and Technology in Video GamesLawlor, Shannon
2019Time domain converters and ultra-low-power all-digital phase-locked-loopChen, Peng
2015Tissue characerisation of lung fibrosis: assessment with late-enhancement magnetic resonance imagingBrady, Darragh
2022A Topic Modelling Based Approach Towards Personalized and Health-Aware Food RecommendationKhan, Mansura
2020Towards Reliable and Accurate Energy Predictive Modelling using Performance Events on Modern Computing PlatformsShahid, Arsalan
2022Towards the Automated Synthesis of CarbohydratesKapito, Gaffney
2022The Transition from Preschool to Primary School for Children with Down SyndromeMaher, Laura-Marie
2022Transitions Into, Through and Out of Homeless: Quantitative Analysis of Administrative Data on Single Adults' Emergency Accommodation Use in the Dublin Region between 2016 and 2018Bairéad, Clíodhna
2022Tropical marine biodiversity through a molecular lens: eDNA metabarcoding across oceans, habitats, and timeHintikka, Sanni
1969Two voices of Seamus O'Kelly : A study of the man and his worksCavanaugh, Catherine L.
2021Ultra-Low-Power Phase-Tracking Receivers for IoT ApplicationsHu, Suoping
2022Ultra-Low-Voltage VCO-Based ADCsNguyen, Viet
2022Understanding Chinese hamster ovary cell translation at sub-codon resolutionCastro Rivadeneyra, Marina
2022Understanding the interactive role of the rumen microbiome with diet and enteric emissions in cattleSmith, P. (Paul)
2022The use of Process Analytical Technologies to examine the viability of CHO cellsBergin, Adam
2016The usual suspects and usual spaces? People and place in complaints about Irish policeMoss, Brian
2022Validating and optimizing feedback of Precision Livestock Farming technologies and Meat Inspection to improve welfare and respiratory health in finisher pigsCardoso Pessoa, Joana Catarina