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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Ultra-Low-Power Phase-Tracking Receivers for IoT ApplicationsHu, Suoping
2022Ultra-Low-Voltage VCO-Based ADCsNguyen, Viet
2022Understanding Chinese hamster ovary cell translation at sub-codon resolutionCastro Rivadeneyra, Marina
2022Understanding the interactive role of the rumen microbiome with diet and enteric emissions in cattleSmith, P. (Paul)
2022The use of Process Analytical Technologies to examine the viability of CHO cellsBergin, Adam
2016The usual suspects and usual spaces? People and place in complaints about Irish policeMoss, Brian
2022Validating and optimizing feedback of Precision Livestock Farming technologies and Meat Inspection to improve welfare and respiratory health in finisher pigsCardoso Pessoa, Joana Catarina
2022Validation of Auditory Verbal Episodic Memory Measures for Cognitive DisordersGalligan, Toni
2020Variance and accuracy in probability estimation from samples : the case of cognitive biasesHowe, Rita
2021A Vertically Integrated RFDAC with Analog Linear Interpolation in 28-nm CMOSZhang, Feifei
2022Virulence plasmid encoded transcriptional regulators of the intracellular pathogen Rhodococcus equiCheng, Cheng
2021Vision from a brief glimpse: the cognitive role of the lowest level of visual cortical activityMohr, Kieran
2017Visual perception of social directional cues that facilitate joint attentionCooney, Sarah Maeve
2012Visualization and quantification of HIV associated lipodystrophy from magnetic resonance imagesO'Sullivan, Tadhg
2022Water-Energy Nexus: Analysing the energy-for-water relationship in integrated energy systemsKirchem, Dana
2022"We're in this together:" Exploring how mental health professionals experience resilience and the role of social identity processHayes, Colm
2022What are the experiences of families of sexual offenders?O'Callaghan, Emily
2022Wireless Communication with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles : Design Tradeoffs and Machine Learning TechniquesFontanesi, Gianluca