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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2021The Irish Programme to Eradicate Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus—Organization, Challenges, and ProgressGraham, David A.More, Simon JohnO'Sullivan, PadraigLane, Elizabethet al.
2004Irish public service broadcasting : a contingent valuation analysisDelaney, LiamO'Toole, Francis
Jun-1990Irish Published Accounts under ScrutinyBrennan, NiamhPierce, Aileen
Dec-2016The Irish Shopkeeper and the Law of Bankruptcy 1860-1930Costello, Kevin
2002Irish-language broadcasting: history, ideology and identityWatson, Iarfhlaith
Oct-2011An irregular lattice method for elastic wave propagationO'Brien, G. S.Bean, Christopher J.
7-Jun-2018Is birth weight the major confounding factor in the study of gestational weight gain?: an observational cohort studyO'Higgins, AmyDoolan, AnneMcCartan, ThomasMullaney, LauraO'Connor, ClareTurner, Michael J.
Sep-2013Is breastfeeding in infancy predictive of child mental wellbeing and protective against obesity at 9-years of age?Reynolds, DeirdreHennessy, EilisPolek, Ela
2003Is equating market share to market power a sound economic principle?Whelan, Ciara
12-Mar-2009Is Grannum Grading of the Placenta Reproducible?Moran, MaryRyan, JohnBrennan, PatrickHiggins, MaryMcAuliffe, Fionnuala M.
1-Jun-2016Is migration from Central and Eastern Europe an opportunity for trade unions to demand higher wages? Evidence from the Romanian health sectorStan, SabinaErne, Roland
Jan-2016Is Restorative Justice for Sexual Crime Compatible with Various Criminal Justice Systems?Joyce-Wojtas, NiamhKeenan, Marie
Mar-2018Is seeding a good strategy in multi-objective feature selection when feature models evolve?Saber, TakfarinasBrevet, DavidBotterweck, GoetzVentresque, Anthony
2002Is the celtic tiger a paper tiger?Ó Gráda, Cormac
2005Is the individual market more than a bridge market? An analysis of disenrollment decisionsKapur, KanikaMarquis, M. SusanBuntin, Melinda J. BeeuwkesEscarce, José J.Louis, Thomas A.
1-Jun-2014Is there a role for Placental Volume, Vasculature and Calcification in monitoring Post-term Pregnancies?Moran, MaryZombori, GergelyRyan, JohnDowney, P.McAuliffe, Fionnuala M.
14-Nov-2020Is there a Role for Restorative Justice after Sexual Crime?Keenan, Marie
Sep-2009Is there an educational advantage to speaking Irish? An investigation of the relationship between education and ability to speak IrishWatson, IarfhlaithNic Ghiolla Phádraig, Máire
Apr-2008Is there an informal employment wage penalty? Evidence from South AfricaWalsh, FrankBadaoui, ElianeStrobl, Eric
Mar-2019Is travel based residential self-selection a significant influence in modal choice and household location decisions?Humphreys, JohnAhern, Aoife