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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Predicting the open conformations of protein kinases using molecular dynamics simulationsBjarnadottir, UnaNielsen, Jens Erik
1-Jan-2004Predicting Tunneling-Induced Ground MovementLaefer, Debra F.Kim, Wan
Apr-2005The prediction of dynamic fracture evolution in PMMA using a cohesive zone modelMurphy, NealIvankovic, Alojz
12-Apr-2015Prediction of Forestry Planned End Products Using Dirichlet Regression and Neural NetworksHickey, CiaránKelly, StephenCarroll, PaulaO'Connor, John J.
Apr-2009Prediction of household and commercial BMW generation according to socio-economic and other factors for the Dublin regionPurcell, M.Magette, W. L.
6-Jan-2012Prediction of short linear protein binding regionsMooney, CatherinePollastri, GianlucaShields, Denis C.Haslam, Niall J.
31-Dec-2013Prediction of time series by statistical learning: general losses and fast ratesAlquier, PierreLi, XiaoyinWintenberger, Olivier
23-Mar-2017Prediction of tool-wear in turning of medical grade cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy (ASTM F75) using non-parametric Bayesian modelsMcParland, DamienBaron, SzymonO'Rourke, SarahDowling, Denis P.Ahearne, EamonnParnell, Andrew C.
8-Aug-2013Predictions of settlement in peat soilsLong, Michael (Michael M.)Boylan, Noel
14-Aug-2012Predictive modelling of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory dipeptidesNorris, RoseanneCasey, FergalFitzGerald, Richard J.Shields, Denis C.Mooney, Catherine
Jun-2002Pregnant woman and unborn child: Legal adversaries?Casey, Gerard
Aug-2013Preliminary investigation of constructed wetland incorporating microbial fuel cell: Batch and continuous flow trialsZhao, Y.Q.Collum, SeanPhelan, Market al.
2007A preliminary investigation on face recognition as a biometric identifier of sheepCorkery, GerardGonzales-Barron, Ursula A.Butler, FrancisMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
Feb-2017Preliminary Results and Publication Impact of a Dedicated Addiction Clinician Scientist Research FellowshipKlimas, JanFernandes, ElainedeBeck, KoraCullen, Walteret al.
1-Apr-2013Preliminary results in the redox balance in healthy cats: Influence of age and genderCastillo, CristinaPereira, VictorAbuelo, AngelGarcía-Vaquero, Marcoet al.
Dec-2014A preliminary study of the effect of groundwater flow on the thermal front created by borehole heat exchangersTolooiyan, AliHemmingway, Phil
1967Prepacking and Shelf Life of MushroomsGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)MacCanna, C.
4-Dec-2007Preparation and characterization of 4-dimethylaminopyridine-stabilized palladium nanoparticlesFlanagan, Keith A.Sullivan, James A.Müller-Bunz, Helge
Jan-2005Preparation and characterization of atomically clean, stoichlometric surfaces of AIN(0001)Mecouch, W. J.Wagner, B. P.Reitmeier, Z. J.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Mar-2013The Preparation of Group II Oxide Catalysts Through Acetate Calcination: The Influence of a Support on the Nature of the Final Catalyst.Sullivan, James A.Sherry, Linda