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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2016Supercongruences for sporadic sequencesSahu, BrundabanOsburn, RobertStraub, Armin
2010Supercongruences satisfied by coefficients of 2F1 hypergeometric seriesChan, Heng HuatKontogeorgis, AristidesKrattenthaler, ChristianOsburn, Robert
1-Oct-2017Supply and Demand: Application of Lean Six Sigma methods to improve drug round efficiency and release nursing timeKieran, MaríosaCleary, MaryDe Brún, AoifeIgoe, Aileen
2017Support, transmission, education and target varieties in the Celtic languages: an overviewÓ Murchadha, Noel P.Migge, Bettina
2014Supporting programme teams to develop sequencing in higher education curriculaO'Neill, GeraldineDonnelly, RoisinFitzmaurice, Marian
Mar-2016Suppression of the CT Beam Hardening Streak Artifact Using Predictive Correction on Detector DataStowe, John G.Curran, Kathleen M.
Aug-2015A supranational regime that nationalizes social conflict. Explaining European trade unions difficulties in politicizing European economic governanceErne, Roland
Aug-2013Surface enhanced luminescence and Raman scattering from ferroelectrically defined Ag nanopatterned arraysDamm, SigneCraig Carville, N.Manzo, MicheleRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James al.
11-Oct-2010Surface enhanced resonance Raman and luminescence on plasmon active nanostructured cavitiesLordan, FrancesRice, James H.Jose, BincyForster, Robert J.Keyes, Tia E.
11-May-2012Surface-enhanced Raman scattering from small numbers of purified and oxidised single-walled carbon nanotubesAl-Alttar, NebrasKennedy, EamonnKopf, IlonaGiordani, SilviaRice, James H.
May-2013Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra of radial breathing modes and G+/- bands in functionalised nanotubesAl-Alttar, NebrasKopf, IlonaFlavin, KevinKennedy, EamonnGiordani, SilviaRice, James H.
Jul-2014Surprisingly rational: Probability theory plus noise explains biases in judgmentCostello, FintanWatts, Paul
Dec-2012Survey evaluation for species richness of farmland birdsMcMahon, Barry J.Copland, Alex S.Kirwan, LauraPurvis, GordonWhelan, John
12-May-2017A survey of free-ranging deer in Ireland for serological evidence of exposure to bovine viral diarrhoea virus, bovine herpes virus-1, bluetongue virus and Schmallenberg virusGraham, David A.Gallagher, ClareCarden, Ruth al.
1996A survey of needs of families with disabled childrenCarr, AlanO'Reilly, Mark
1970Survey of the Composition of Water Supplies Used in GlasshousesGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)O'Flaherty, T.
1-Mar-2014A survey of the hybridisation status of Cervus deer species on the island of IrelandSmith, Stephanie L.Carden, Ruth F.Coad, BarryBirkitt, TimothyPemberton, Josephine M.
9-Sep-2015Survey of WiFi Positioning using Time-Based TechniquesMakki, AhmedSiddig, AbubakrSaad, Mohamed M.Bleakley, Chris J.
Jul-2019A Survey on Security and Privacy of 5G Technologies: Potential Solutions, Recent Advancements and Future DirectionsKhan, RabiaKumar, PardeepJayakody, Dushantha Nalin K.Liyanage, Madhusanka
2009Survival and dispersal of a defined cohort of Irish cattleAshe, S.More, Simon JohnO'Keeffe, Jameset al.