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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Nov-2016The use of variotherm systems for microinjection moldingSu, QuanliangZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
Jun-2008The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughnessGonzález, ArturoO'Brien, Eugene J.Li, YingyanCashell, K.
13-Feb-2020Use of voltage limits for current limitation in grid-forming convertersChen, JunruPrystupczuk, FedericoO'Donnell, Terence
Dec-2017The Usefulness of Digital Badges in Higher Education - Exploring the Student PerspectivesDowling-Hetherington, LindaGlowatz, Matt
6-Jun-2018User Experience of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Apps for Depression: An Analysis of App Functionality and User ReviewsStawarz, KatarzynaPreist, ChrisTallon, DebbieWiles, NicolaCoyle, David
May-2019User-Antenna Selection for Physical-Layer Network Coding Based on Euclidean DistanceKumar, VaibhavCardiff, BarryFlanagan, Mark F.
Jun-2006Using Ajax to Empower Dynamic SearchingWusteman, JudithO'hIceadha, Pádraig
8-Feb-2018Using an epidemiological framework and bovine spongiform encephalopathy investigation questionnaire to investigate suspect bovine spongiform encephalopathy cases: an example from a bovine spongiform encephalopathy case in Ireland in 2015O'Connor, Jarlath T.Byrne, Justin P.More, Simon JohnMcGrath, GuyTratalos, Jamie al.
21-Dec-2017Using dental and activity indicators in order to explore possible sex differences in an adult rural medieval population from Thebes (Greece)Michael, Dimitra ErmioniIliadis, EfstathiosManolis, Sotiris K.
2017Using Emotional Attachment as a Lens to Improve Users E-reading ExperienceGirard, AdamCowan, Benjamin R.Shankar, KalpanaCoyle, David
Jul-2015Using energy storage to manage high net load variability at sub-hourly timescalesO'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, Damian
1-Jul-2019Using Lean Six Sigma to Improve Controlled Drug Processes and Release Nursing TimeCreed, MariaMcGuirk, MichelleBuckley, RuthDe Brún, AoifeKilduff, Marie
10-Jul-2018Using Machine Learning to Build a Better Fitness App to Help Runners to Run a Faster MarathonSmyth, Barry
Jan-2018Using reusable learning objects (rlos) in wound care education: undergraduate student nurse's evaluation of their learning gainRedmond, CatherineDavies, CarmelCornally, DeirdreAdam, EwaDaly, Orlaet al.
13-Mar-2017Using single nanoparticle tracking obtained by nanophotonic force microscopy to simultaneously characterize nanoparticle size distribution and nanoparticle-surface interactionsHristov, Delyan R.Ye, DongAraújo, Joao Medeiros deLopez, HenderDawson, Kenneth al.
Mar-2013Using Weigh-in-Motion Data to Determine Aggressiveness of Traffic for Bridge LoadingO'Brien, Eugene J.Enright, Bernard
Dec-2004UTA versus line emission for EUVL : studies on xenon emission at the NIST EBITFahy, KennethDunne, PadraigMcKinney, LukeO'Sullivan, GerrySokell, EmmaWhite, John K.Aguilar, A.Pomeroy, J.M.Tan, J.N.Blagojevi, B.LeBigot, E.-O.Gillaspy, J.D.
Jun-2016Utilising time of use surveys to predict domestic hot water consumption and heat demand profiles of residential building stocksNeu, OlivierOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
Jan-1971Utilitarianism and Secondary PrinciplesBaker, John
May-2012A utility based approach to energy hedgingCotter, JohnHanly, Jim