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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2019Variable glycemic responses to intact and hydrolysed milk proteins in overweight and obese adults reveal the need for precision nutritionCurran, Aoife M.Horner, Katy M.O'Sullivan, VictoriaBrennan, Lorraineet al.
Mar-2010Variable selection and updating in model-based discriminant analysis for high dimensional data with food authenticity applicationsMurphy, Thomas BrendanDean, NemaRaftery, Adrian E.
28-Dec-2017Variable Selection for Latent Class Analysis with Application to Low Back Pain DiagnosisFop, MichaelSmart, KeithMurphy, Thomas Brendan
26-Apr-2018Variable selection methods for model-based clusteringFop, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
18-Nov-2014Variance components for susceptibility to Mycobacterium bovis infection in dairy and beef cattleRichardson, Ian W.Bradley, Dan G.Higgins, Isabella M.More, Simon Johnet al.
Nov-2005Variation linguistique dans les situations formelles chez les PamakaMigge, Bettina
Jan-2013Variational Bayesian inference for the Latent Position Cluster Model for network dataSalter-Townshend, MichaelMurphy, Thomas Brendan
28-Sep-2017Variational Identification of Markovian Transition StatesMartini, LindaKells, AdamCovino, RobertoBuchete, Nicolae-Viorelet al.
1-Feb-2009Variations in travel time for N loading to groundwaters in four case studies in Ireland: Implications for policy makers and regulatorsFenton, OwenCoxon, CatherineHaria, AHMurphy, Paulet al.
6-Dec-2018VarQ: A Tool for the Structural and Functional Analysis of Human Protein VariantsRadusky, LeandroModenutti, CarlosDelgado, JavierKiel, Christinaet al.
22-Dec-2016Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) Promotes Assembly of the p130Cas Interactome to Drive Endothelial Chemotactic Signaling and AngiogenesisEvans, Ian M.Kennedy, Susan A.Paliashvili, KetevanSantra, TapeshKolch, Walteret al.
1993Vatican diplomacy and the Mission of Rinuccini to IrelandÓ hAnnracháin, Tadhg
Jun-2006Vector piezoresponse force microscopyKalinin, S. V.Rodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, al.
Jul-2019A Venetian mystery: two paintings by Walter Osborne in the Kildare Street and University Club, DublinMilligan, Kathryn
10-Apr-2012Versatility of Cooperative Transcriptional Activation: A Thermodynamical Modeling Analysis for Greater-Than-Additive and Less-Than-Additive EffectsFrank, Till D.Carmody, Aimee M.Kholodenko, Boris al.
22-May-2013Versatility of enzymes catalyzing late steps in polyene 67-121C biosynthesisStephens, NiamhRawlings, BernardCaffrey, Patrick
1-Oct-2008Veto Players and Welfare State Change: What Delays Social Entitlement Bills?Däubler, Thomas
5-Jul-2019VGLL3 operates via TEAD1, TEAD3 and TEAD4 to influence myogenesis in skeletal muscleFigeac, NicolasMohamed, Abdalla D.Sun, CongshanMatallanas, DavidGarcia Munoz, Amayaet al.
2004Viability Of the Irish Equity marketCotter, John
1-Jun-2018Vibration energy harvesting based monitoring of an operational bridge undergoing forced vibration and train passageCahill, PaulHazra, BudhadityaKaroumi, RaidMathewson, AlanPakrashi, Vikram