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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2016Visualizing voltage relationships using the unity row summation and real valued properties of the FLG matrixDassios, Ioannis K.Cuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
1-Aug-2018Vitamin D-biofortified beef: A comparison of cholecalciferol with synthetic versus UVB-mushroom-derived ergosterol as feed sourceDuffy, Sarah K.O'Doherty, John V.Rajauria, GauravClarke, Louise C.Kelly, Alan al.
2017VM reassignment in hybrid clouds for large decentralised companies: A multi-objective challengeSaber, TakfarinasThorburn, JamesMurphy, Liam, B.E.Ventresque, Anthony
25-Sep-2018Volatile Profile of Grilled Lamb as Affected by Castration and Age at Slaughter in Two BreedsGkarane, VasilikiBrunton, Nigel P.Harrison, Sabine M.Gravador, Rufielyn S.Fahey, Alan G.Monahan, Frank al.
2000Volatility and the Euro : an Irish perspectiveCotter, John
Apr-2004Volatility in Irish quarterly macroeconomic dataMcCarthy, Colm
13-Aug-2018A Voltage Control Scheme for Generation-Dominated Networks to Maximize Power ExportCuffe, PaulOchoa, Luis
Sep-2015Voltage Responsive Distribution Networks: Comparing Autonomous and Centralized SolutionsCuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
Sep-1999Voluntary disclosure of profit forecasts by target companies in takeover bidsBrennan, Niamh
1-Jan-1989Voters, politicians, and bureaucrats: a Dublin surveyKomito, Lee
2015The Vulnerability of the Northern Ireland Settlement: British Irish Relations, Political Crisis and BrexitTodd, Jennifer
17-Feb-2017Vulnerable Childhood, Vulnerable Adulthood: Direct Provision as Aftercare for Aged-Out Separated Children Seeking Asylum in IrelandNí Raghallaigh, MuireannThornton, Liam
1994The wages book of a Fethard farmer, 1880-1905Ó Gráda, Cormac
Mar-2012Wahlfreiheit und Nutzerrollen im deutschen BildungssystemKöppe, Stephan
Jun-2010Wait for it : delay-discounting and academic performance among an Irish adolescent sampleFreeney, YseultO'Connell, Michael F.
Jul-2019Wandering Spurs in MASH 1-1 Delta-Sigma ModulatorsDonnelly, YannKennedy, Michael Peter
Apr-2017Wanted: A ScapegoatClancy, Annette
Sep-2012WAOW v Department for Social Development (DLA) [2012] NICOM 287Thornton, Liam
2012'A warre ... commodious': Dramatizing Islamic Schism in and after TamburlaineGrogan, Jane
7-Apr-2011Waste Polyolefins to Liquid Fuels via Pyrolysis: Review of Commercial State-of-the-Art and Recent Laboratory ResearchButler, EoinDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin