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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Apr-2021Can the Wikipedia moderation model rescue the social marketplace of ideas?Yasseri, TahaMenczer, Filippo
Oct-2013Can There be Virtue in Violence?Stout, Rowland
1992Can we infer external effects from a study of the Irish indirect tax system?Madden, David (David Patrick)
Dec-2011Can You Own Yourself?Casey, Gerard
2017Canary in the Coal Mine? China, the UNGA and the Changing World OrderBrazys, SamuelDukalskis, Alexander
1980Canning Tests on Mushroom StrainGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)MacCanna, C.
11-Sep-2013Capability Chart for Distributed Reactive Power ResourcesCuffe, PaulSmith, PaulKeane, Andrew
Nov-2015Capacitive Energy Conversion with Circuits Implementing a Rectangular Charge-Voltage Cycle Part 1: Analysis of the Electrical DomainGalayko, DimitriDudka, AndreyKarami, ArmineO'Riordan, EoghanBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaBasset, Philippe
Nov-2015Capacitive Energy Conversion with Circuits Implementing a Rectangular Charge-Voltage Cycle Part 2: Electromechanical and Nonlinear AnalysisO'Riordan, EoghanDudka, AndreyGalayko, DimitriBasset, PhilippeFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
Feb-2013Capacity of DNA Data Embedding Under Substitution MutationsBalado, Félix
May-2011Capacity value of wind powerKeane, AndrewMilligan, Michael R.Dent, ChrisHasche, BernhardD'Annunzio, ClaudineDragoon, KenHolttinen, HanneleSamaan, NaderSöder, LennartO'Malley, Mark
Feb-2011Capacity value of wind power, calculation, and data requirements : the Irish power system caseHasche, BernhardKeane, AndrewO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2020Capital, Conversion, and Settler Colonialism in Samuel Butler’s ErewhonFermanis, Porscha
Oct-2013Captodiamine, a putative antidepressant, enhances hypothalamic BDNF expression in vivo by synergistic 5-HT2c receptor antagonism and sigma-1 receptor agonismRing, Rebecca M.Regan, Ciaran M.
11-Dec-2017Capturing health and eating status through a Nutritional Perception Screening Questionnaire (NPSQ9) in a randomised internet-based Personalised Nutrition intervention: the Food4Me studySan-Criostobal, RodrigoNavas-Carretero, SantiagoCelis-Morales, CarlosO'Donovan, ClareForster, HannahWoolhead, ClaraWalsh, Marianne C.Gibney, Eileen R.Brennan, LorraineGibney, Michael al.
Jul-2019Capturing information on technology convergence, international collaboration, and knowledge flow from patent documents: A case of information and communication technologyLee, ChangjunKogler, Dieter FranzLee, Daeho
15-Nov-2018Caputo and related fractional derivatives in singular systemsDassios, Ioannis K.Baleanu, Dumitru
1-Jul-2014Carbene Iridium Complexes for Efficient Water Oxidation: Scope and Mechanistic InsightsWoods, James A.Lalrempuia, RaltePetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
4-Sep-2013Carbene transfer from triazolylidene gold complexes as a potent strategy for inducing high catalytic activityCanseco-Gonzalez, DanielPetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
23-Oct-2009Carbenes in ActionAlbrecht, Martin