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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Fabrication of nano-structured TiO2 coatings using a microblast deposition techniqueMcDonnell, KevinEnglish, Niall J.Stallard, Charlie al.
30-Aug-2007Fabrication, dynamics, and electrical properties of insulated scanning probe microscopy probes for electrical and electromechanical imaging in liquidsRodriguez, Brian J.Jesse, S.Seal, al.
7-Oct-2011A facile spin-cast route for cation exchange of multilayer perpendicularly-aligned nanorod assembliesKelly, DervlaSingh, AjayBarrett, Christopher A.O'Sullivan, CatrionaCoughlan, ClaudiaLaffir, Fathima R.O'Dwyer, ColmRyan, Kevin M.
May-2013Fact-type complements in Gbe and the Surinamese CreolesMigge, BettinaWinford, Donald
2006Factor structures of measures of cognitive distortions, emotional congruence, and victim empathy based on data from Irish child sex offendersWaldron, BrianO'Reilly, GaryRandall, PatrickDooley, Barbara A.Carr, Alanet al.
Sep-2011Factors associated with acceptance of peers with mental health problems in childhood and adolescenceSwords, LorraineHeary, CarolineHennessy, Eilis
4-May-2018Factors associated with bites to a child from a dog living in the same home: A bi-national comparisonMessam, Locksley L. McV.Kass, Philip H.Chomel, Bruno B.Hart, Lynette A.
30-Nov-2016Factors associated with breastfeeding initiation: A comparison between France and French-speaking CanadaGirard, Lisa-Christine‎Côté, Sylvana M.Lauzon-Guillain, Blandine deDoyle, OrlaTremblay, Richard Ernestet al.
1-May-2018Factors associated with discontinuation of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) among persons who also use alcohol in Vancouver, CanadaKlimas, JanNosova, EkaterinaSocías, Eugeniaet al.
1996Factors associated with stress responses in staff caring for patients with cystic fibrosisCarr, AlanRoseingrave, PaulaFitzgerald, M. X.
2006Factors associated with suicidal ideation in the general population : Five-centre analysis from the ODIN studyCasey, Patricia R.Dunn, GrahamKelly, Brendan al.
May-2011Factors influencing 4-fluorobenzoate degradation in biofilm cultures of Pseudomonas knackmussii B13Misiak, KatarzynaCasey, EoinMurphy, Cormac D.
Feb-2014Factors influencing Irish farmers’ afforestation intentionsDuesberg, StefanieUpton, VincentNí Dhubháin, Áine
30-Apr-2019Factors Influencing the Adoption of Smart Health Technologies for People With Dementia and Their Informal Caregivers: Scoping Review and Design FrameworkGuisado-Fernández, EstefaníaGiunti, GuidoMackey, LauraBlake, CatherineCaulfield, Brian
Jun-2022Factors influencing the choice of radiology as a medical specialty in IrelandLynch, TurloughBockhold, SophieMcNulty, Jonathan P.
10-Apr-2010Factors influencing the food choices of Irish children and adolescents : a qualitative investigationFitzgerald, AmandaHeary, CarolineNixon, ElizabethKelly, Colette
Apr-2011Factors influencing wind energy curtailmentBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Apr-2011Factors Influencing Wind Energy CurtailmentBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
1998Factors related to the adjustment of siblings following sudden infant deathCoughlan, BarbaraCarr, AlanFitzgerald, Michael
2005Factors related to well-being in Irish adolescentsNevin, SheilaCarr, AlanShelvin, MarkDooley, Barbara A.