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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2015(m, p)-isometric and (m, ∞)-isometric operator tuples on normed spacesHoffmann, PhilippMackey, Michael
2010M_2-rank differences for overpartitionsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
2009M_2-rank differences for partitions without repeated odd partsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
Jan-2016The Macroeconomic Determinants of the US Term-Structure During The Great ModerationPaccagnini, Alessia
8-Jun-2016A macroeconomic mathematical model for the national income of a union of countries with interaction and tradeDassios, Ioannis K.Devine, Mel T.
4-Mar-2015Macromolecularly crowded in vitro microenvironments accelerate the production of extracellular matrix-rich supramolecular assembliesKumar, PramodSatyam, AbhigyanFan, XingliangRodriguez, Brian al.
Oct-2015Macroprudential policy and forecasting using Hybrid DSGE models with financial frictions and State space Markov-Switching TVP-VARsBekiros, Stelios D.Paccagnini, Alessia
May-2010Macroscopic model for predicting columnar to equiaxed transitions using columnar front tracking and average equiaxed growthMirihanage, Wajira U.McFadden, ShaunBrowne, David J.
1-Nov-2018The magmatic–hydrothermal transition in rare-element pegmatites from southeast Ireland: LA-ICP-MS chemical mapping of muscovite and columbite–tantaliteKaeter, DavidBarros, RenataMenuge, JulianChew, David M.
27-Feb-2012A magnetic iron(III) switch with controlled and adjustable thermal response for solution processingGandolfi, ClaudioMorgan, Grace G.Albrecht, Martin
22-Sep-2009Magnetic properties of first-row element-doped ZnS semiconductors : a density functional theory investigationLong, RunEnglish, Niall J.
19-Sep-2012Magnetic Tweezers-Based Force Clamp Reveals Mechanically Distinct apCAM Domain InteractionsKinlic, DevrimBlasiak, AgataO'Mahony, JamesSuter, Daniel M.Lee, Gil U.
10-May-2005Magnitude and direction of motion with speckle correlation and the optical fractional Fourier transformKelly, Damien P.Hennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
2009Main-chain organometallic polymers comprising redox-active iron(II) centers connected by ditopic N-heterocyclic carbenesMercs, LaszloNeels, AntoniaStoeckli-Evans, HelenAlbrecht, Martin
May-2019Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure as a Health-Promoting AssetScott, Mark J.Lennon, MickDouglas, Owen
2007Mainstreamkonvergenz und Geschlechterdifferenz. Die deutsche und schwedische Rentenreform im VergleichKöppe, Stephan
21-Feb-2013Making automated multiple alignments of very large numbers of protein sequencesSievers, FabianDineen, DavidWilm, AndreasHiggins, Desmond G
Mar-2007Making famine historyÓ Gráda, Cormac
12-May-2022Making frequency distributions tangibleCuffe, Paul
1-Dec-2016Making Friends of the Nations: Australian Interwar Magazines and Middlebrow Orientalism in the PacificKuttainen, VictoriaGalletly, Sarah