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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2008A p-adic analogue of a formula of RamanujanMcCarthy, DermotOsburn, Robert
Mar-2013Packet-Level Attestation (PLA):A framework for in-network sensor-data reliabilityKamal, Abu Raihan M.Bleakley, Chris J.Dobson, Simon
Oct-2008Padé approximation for a multivariate Markov transformKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
4-Dec-2014Paediatric CT optimisation utilising Catphan® 600 and age-specific anthropomorphic phantomsSantos, JoanaCarmo Batista, Maria doFoley, Shane J.Rainford, Louise al.
Feb-2016Paediatric imaging radiation dose awareness and use of referral guidelines amongst radiology practitioners and radiographersPortelli, Jonathan L.McNulty, Jonathan P.Bezzina, PaulRainford, Louise A.
4-Mar-2019Pain profiles in a community dwelling population following spinal cord injury: a national surveyBurke, DearbhlaFullen, Brona M.Lennon, Olive
6-Aug-2019PaleAle 5.0: prediction of protein relative solvent accessibility by deep learningKaleel, ManazTorrisi, MirkoMooney, CatherinePollastri, Gianluca
13-Jan-2012Palladium carbene complexes for selective alkene di- and oligomerizationKhlebnikov, VsevolodMeduri, AngeloMüller-Bunz, HelgeMontini, TizianoFornasiero, PaoloZangrando, EnnioMilani, BarbaraAlbrecht, Martin
Mar-2003The panics of 1854 and 1857 : a view from the Emigration Industrial Savings BankWhite, Eugene N.Ó Gráda, Cormac
1-Dec-1998Paper 'work' and electronic files: Defending professional practiceKomito, Lee
Mar-2014Paracrine signalling of inflammatory cytokines from an in vitro blood brain barrier model upon exposure to polymeric nanoparticlesNic Raghnaill, MichelleBramini, MattiaYe, DongÅberg, ChristofferSalvati, AnnaLynch, IseultDawson, Kenneth al.
Jan-2014Paradise Lost: The cost of removing tax and trade provisions from the Compact of Free AssociationBrazys, Samuel
25-Apr-2021Parallel extraction of Regions-of-Interest from social media dataBelcastro, LorisKechadi, TaharMarozzo, FabrizioPastore, Lucaet al.
May-2019Parameter Constraints for Virtual Synchronous Generator Considering StabilityChen, JunruO'Donnell, Terence
Nov-1999Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Models in Forestry.Fekedulegn, DestaMac Siúrtáin, Máirtín PádraigColbert, Jim J.
10-Jul-2012Parameter sensitivity of a watershed-scale flood forecasting model as a function of modelling time-stepO'Loughlin, FiachraBruen, MichaelWagener, Thorsten
1-Nov-2006Paraxial speckle-based metrology systems with an apertureKelly, Damien P.Ward, Jennifer E.Hennelly, Bryan M.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanO'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
15-Nov-2016Parent reported sleep problems in preschool children with sickle cell anemia and controls in East LondonDownes, MichelleDe Haan, MichelleKirkham, Fenella J.Telfer, Paul T.
1999Parents and early immersion : reciprocity between home and immersion preschoolHickey, Tina
Jul-2007Parents plus programme I: evaluation of its effectiveness for pre-school children with developmental disabilities and behavioural problemsQuinn, MarkCarr, AlanCarroll, LouiseO'Sullivan, David