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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2008A p-adic analogue of a formula of RamanujanMcCarthy, DermotOsburn, Robert
Mar-2013Packet-Level Attestation (PLA):A framework for in-network sensor-data reliabilityKamal, Abu Raihan M.Bleakley, Chris J.Dobson, Simon
Oct-2008Padé approximation for a multivariate Markov transformKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
4-Dec-2014Paediatric CT optimisation utilising Catphan® 600 and age-specific anthropomorphic phantomsSantos, JoanaCarmo Batista, Maria doFoley, Shane J.Rainford, Louise al.
Feb-2016Paediatric imaging radiation dose awareness and use of referral guidelines amongst radiology practitioners and radiographersPortelli, Jonathan L.McNulty, Jonathan P.Bezzina, PaulRainford, Louise A.
4-Mar-2019Pain profiles in a community dwelling population following spinal cord injury: a national surveyBurke, DearbhlaFullen, Brona M.Lennon, Olive
6-Aug-2019PaleAle 5.0: prediction of protein relative solvent accessibility by deep learningKaleel, ManazTorrisi, MirkoMooney, CatherinePollastri, Gianluca
13-Jan-2012Palladium carbene complexes for selective alkene di- and oligomerizationKhlebnikov, VsevolodMeduri, AngeloMüller-Bunz, HelgeMontini, TizianoFornasiero, PaoloZangrando, EnnioMilani, BarbaraAlbrecht, Martin
5-Jul-2021‘Pandemia’: a reckoning of UK universities’ corporate response to COVID-19 and its academic falloutWatermeyer, RichardShankar, KalpanaCrick, Tomet al.
Mar-2003The panics of 1854 and 1857 : a view from the Emigration Industrial Savings BankWhite, Eugene N.Ó Gráda, Cormac
1-Dec-1998Paper 'work' and electronic files: Defending professional practiceKomito, Lee
Mar-2014Paracrine signalling of inflammatory cytokines from an in vitro blood brain barrier model upon exposure to polymeric nanoparticlesNic Raghnaill, MichelleBramini, MattiaYe, DongÅberg, ChristofferSalvati, AnnaLynch, IseultDawson, Kenneth al.
Jan-2014Paradise Lost: The cost of removing tax and trade provisions from the Compact of Free AssociationBrazys, Samuel
9-Sep-2020Parallel assessment of albuminuria and plasma sTNFR1 in people with type 2 diabetes and advanced chronic kidney disease provides accurate prognostication of the risks of renal decline and deathMartin, William P.Tuohy, ColmDoody, AlisonJackson, SabrinaCanavan, Ronan J.Slattery, DavidTwomey, Patrick J.McKenna, Malachi J.le Roux, Carel W.Docherty, Neil G.
25-Apr-2021Parallel extraction of Regions-of-Interest from social media dataBelcastro, LorisKechadi, TaharMarozzo, FabrizioPastore, Lucaet al.
May-2019Parameter Constraints for Virtual Synchronous Generator Considering StabilityChen, JunruO'Donnell, Terence
21-Aug-2022Parameter estimates to support future risk assessment of Mycobacterium bovis in raw milk cheeseCollins, Áine B.More, Simon John
Nov-1999Parameter Estimation of Nonlinear Models in Forestry.Fekedulegn, DestaMac Siúrtáin, Máirtín PádraigColbert, Jim J.
10-Jul-2012Parameter sensitivity of a watershed-scale flood forecasting model as a function of modelling time-stepO'Loughlin, FiachraBruen, MichaelWagener, Thorsten
1-Nov-2006Paraxial speckle-based metrology systems with an apertureKelly, Damien P.Ward, Jennifer E.Hennelly, Bryan M.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanO'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.