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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2012A U-Turn in the Asymmetric Appel Reaction: Stereospecific Reduction of Diastereomerically Enriched Alkoxyphosphonium Salts Allows the Asymmetric Synthesis of P-Stereogenic Phosphanes and Phosphane BoranesRajendran, Kamalraj V.Kudavalli, Jaya S.Dunne, Katherine S.Gilheany, Declan G.
Jun-2010U.S. core inflation : a wavelet analysisCotter, JohnDowd, KevinLoh, Lixia
Dec-2014Ubiquitin chain specific auto-ubiquitination triggers sustained oscillation, bistable switches and excitable firingNguyen, Lan K.Zhao, QiVarusai, Thawfeek M.Kholodenko, Boris N.
2007UCD Library – getting out there!Pan, Rosalind
1-May-2017Ultra-deep next generation mitochondrial genome sequencing reveals widespread heteroplasmy in Chinese hamster ovary cellsKelly, Paul S.Clarke, ColinCostello, AlanBarron, Niallet al.
Mar-2015An Ultra-Low Phase Noise Class-F 2 CMOS Oscillator With 191 dBc/Hz FoM and Long-Term ReliabilityBabaie, MasoudStaszewski, Robert Bogdan
14-Aug-2019Ultra-Wideband Dual-Mode Doherty Power Amplifier Using Reciprocal Gate Bias for 5G ApplicationsLi, MengPang, JingzhouLi, YueZhu, Anding
22-Feb-2012Ultrafast IR spectroscopy of polymeric cytosine nucleic acids reveal the long-lived species is due to a localised stateKeane, Páraic M.Wojdyla, MichalDoorley, Gerard W.Kelly, John M.Clark, Ian P.Parker, Anthony W.Greetham, Gregory M.Towrie, MichaelMagno, Luís M.Quinn, Susan J.
11-Oct-2017Ultrafine grain formation and coating mechanism arising from a blast coating process: a transmission electron microscopy analysisDunne, Conor F.Roche, KevinJanssen, ArneStanton, Kenneth T.
Jun-2013Un patto Faustiano con il Neoliberismo? Ascesa e caduta dei patti sociali nella Repubblica d'IrlandaErne, RolandMaccarrone, Vincenzo
31-Dec-2019The (un)common good: diverging justifications for wilderness making in a modified landscapeLennon, MickDuvall, PhoebeO'Neill, Eoin
7-Mar-2019“Un-Irish and un-Catholic”: sports, physical education and girls’ schoolingRaftery, DeirdreDelaney, Catriona
Jun-1999Unawareness of illness and its relationship with depression and self-deception in schizophreniaMoore, OrlaCassidy, EugeneCarr, AlanO'Callaghan, Eadhbhart
2016Uncertainty Analysis of the Effect of Grout Injection on the Deformation of Multi-Wythe Stone Masonry WallsIsfeld, Andrea C.Moradabadi, EhsanLaefer, Debra F.Shrive, Nigel G.
18-Aug-2016Uncovering Factors Related to Pancreatic Beta-Cell FunctionCurran, Aoife M.Ryan, Miriam F.Drummond, ElaineGibney, Eileen R.Gibney, Michael J.Roche, Helen M.Brennan, Lorraine
9-Jun-2018Uncovering gender bias in newspaper coverage of Irish politicians using machine learningLeavy, Susan
18-Oct-2014Undergraduate psychiatry students' attitudes towards teaching methods at an Irish universityJabbar, FarazCasey, Patricia R.Kelly, Brendan D.
17-Jan-2020Understanding and Controlling Food Protein Structure and Function in Foods: Perspectives from Experiments and Computer SimulationsSilva, Fernando Luís Barroso daCarloni, PaoloCheung, DavidGulzar, MuhammadJacquier, Jean ChristopheLobaskin, VladimirMacKernan, Donalet al.
17-Apr-2015Understanding and managing bTB risk: Perspectives from IrelandMore, Simon JohnGood, Margaret
Jul-2009Understanding challenging behaviour : perspectives of children and adolescents with a moderate intellectual disabilityByrne, AlisonHennessy, Eilis