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2016Design considerations for a high power, medium frequency transformer for a DC-DC converter stage of a solid state transformerMumuluh, Roland Nshieteh
2015The effect of a group motor skills programme on the participation and movement ability of children with developmental coordination disorderMorton, Caitriona
Jun-2014The effects of selected non-thermal interventions on various aspects of the hydrolysis of sodium caseinate by Protamex®Holton, Mairead
2009Enabling the remote acquisition of digital forensic evidence through secure data transmission and verificationScanlon, Mark
2016Exploring the role of MPB70 and MPB83 in immune modulation by mycobacterium tuberculosisCarr, Lorraine
Oct-2002A Fortran Parsing Tool to Extract Parallelising InformationNicolau, Miguel
Aug-2010Governing Migrant Integration in the EU – An Investigation of Competing Policy Priorities and Policy InstrumentsMcDermott, Ronan
Jun-2015Household Food Gardening: Its Contribution to Urban ResilienceWalsh, Maria
2015A new implementation of the elliptic curve method of integer factorization using Edwards and Hessian curvesRobinson, Oisin Matthew
2017Non-viral gene delivery by minicircle vector expressing type VII collagen for the treatment of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosaQin, Yue
Jul-2017Predictors of Faecal Contamination Among Groundwater Sources In Gulu, UgandaCohen, Byron
2017Prioritisation of non-coding somatic mutations in cancerPiraino, Scott William
2016Production of a recombinant, 40 amino acid helix-loop-helix peptide (EF2-GGC) for incorporation into a novel affinity purification systemVesey, Orla
Jul-2015Safety communication practice and awareness among senior nurse managers in the public mental health service in IrelandLogue, Sean G.
2017Variation in Zymoseptoria tritici virulence genes in field isolatesMascarello, Maurizio
2016Video game use and prosocial behaviour: an investigation into the relationship between prosocial video game use, empathy and prosocial behaviour in children and adolescents from different socio-economic groupsHarrington, Brian
2003Zombies and their possibilitiesEgan, Ruth P. K.