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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Facilitating rural communities to create enterprise opportunities using a participatory process developed by SKIN - Short Food Supply Chain Knowledge and Innovation NetworkForde, Aoife
2022Factors affecting the adoption of the Teagasc marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) actions on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions on Irish dairy farmsRyan, Donnacha
Oct-2002A Fortran Parsing Tool to Extract Parallelising InformationNicolau, Miguel
2020A framework for machine learning based anomaly detection in Internet of Things data analysisAlmaguer-Angeles, Fernando
Aug-2010Governing Migrant Integration in the EU – An Investigation of Competing Policy Priorities and Policy InstrumentsMcDermott, Ronan
2022GrassLogic: A Grass Growth System for the Prediction of Grassland ProductionAlbring Guth, Felipe
2020Horizontal Inequalities in the 2011 Bahrain UprisingMcDonough, Tyler
Jun-2015Household Food Gardening: Its Contribution to Urban ResilienceWalsh, Maria
2021Identifying Muon-Produced Cherenkov Ring Images in VERITAS Data Using Convolutional Neural NetworksFlanagan, Kevin
2021Method Development for O-glycan Analysis and its Application to Parkinson's DiseaseWilkinson, Hayden
2021Modelling The Impact Of High Fat Diet Feeding And Intentional Weight Loss On Type 1 Endometrial Cancer In The BDII/Han RatSinclair, Piriyah
2021Naturalist decision-making processes of multidisciplinary teams that facilitate community living options for adults with intellectual disabilitiesJenga, Precious
2015A new implementation of the elliptic curve method of integer factorization using Edwards and Hessian curvesRobinson, Oisin Matthew
2021Non-lethal Cell Culture in the Order Chiroptera: Implications for Viral StudiesPower, Sarahjane
2017Non-viral gene delivery by minicircle vector expressing type VII collagen for the treatment of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosaQin, Yue
2001On the Line: An Investigation of Stress and Burnout in Helpline VolunteersIvers, Mary E.
2020On the use of non-natural amino acids to elucidate protein structure and functionAlshengeti, Sondos
2020Perfecting the message on silage qualityPierce, Louise
2021Preparation of Carbon Nanohorn Composite Materials forTherapeutic ApplicationsByrne, Maria
2020The Prevalence and Control of Ectoparasitesin Irish Cattle HerdsMcKiernan, Fiona