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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Nov-2017Maamtrasna: The Trial of Myles Joyce in 1882Howlin, Niamh
9-Jul-2019Making sense of Science for policy under conditions of complexity and uncertaintyRenn, OrtwinBaghramian, MariaCapaccioli, Massimoet al.
Sep-1998The management of animal effluents on brucellosis affected farmsHahesy, Tom
Jul-1994Mapping brucellosis herdsHammond, Robert F.Brennan, Liam
Jul-1995Mapping brucellosis herdsHammond, Robert F.Brennan, Liam
Jul-1996Mapping brucellosis herdsHammond, Robert F.Brennan, Liam
Mar-1993Mapping brucellosis restricted herdsHammond, Robert F.
Jun-2015Mapping Existing Research Output Focused on Higher Education Teaching and Learning in Ireland 1990-2015O'Sullivan, SaraGibney, AmandaGuerin, SuzanneStaunton, MichaelKalaitzake, Manolis
Jun-2002Maps showing the density (sq km) of standard reactors by contour and visible lesions by pixel 1999 and 2000
Feb-2018Marinating: - an opportunity for flavour innovationGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
Feb-2016MarrineTerrine - a high fibre productGormley, T. R. (Thomas Ronan)
Apr-2004The maximal segment sum revisitedMcLoughlin, Henry B.
Jan-2015Measuring the effectiveness of Australia's Statutory-backed continuous disclosure policy on 'innovative' investment disclosuresHarford, JarradPowell, Ronan
Sep-1997Meat plant surveillance and its role in the eradication of tuberculosis in cattleCollins, John D.
Jun-2008Melby Overdrev, Nordsjælland : MAJ 2548Daly, Aoife
Mar-1999Micromorphological study of ridge-and-furrow remains at Watson's Lane, Little Thetford, CambridgeshireLewis, Helen
Apr-2015Miniaturization/process dependent mechanical properties of microinjection moldingsZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.
Mar-2020Mobilising Finance for Biodiversity: A policy and institutional review of finance arrangements for biodiversity conservation in IrelandMc Guinness, ShaneBullock, Craig
Mar-1993A model of the effect of herd size on the outcome of tuberculin testO'Keeffe, James
Sep-1999A model of the relationship of skin increase using the single intradermal comparative tuberculin test (SICTT) and the disclosure of a visible tuberculous-like lesion in cattleO'Keeffe, JamesWhite, PaulMartin, S. Wayne