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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Tax-Benefit Systems in Europe and the US: Between Equity and EfficiencyBargain, OlivierDolls, MathiasNeumann, DirkPeichl, AndreasSiegloch, Sebastian
Nov-1987Taxation and employment in IrelandWalsh, Brendan M.
Aug-2000Taxation, debt and the public financesMadden, David (David Patrick)
Apr-2003Taxes and the location of productionPorter, Lynda
Jul-1995TEAM and Irish Steel : an application of the declining high-wage industries literatureBarry, FrankDurkan, Joe
Sep-2015Teams’ Reponses to Changed Incentives: Evidence from Rugby’s Six Nations ChampionshipHogan, Vincent (Vincent Peter)Massey, Patrick
Apr-1983Technical change in mid-nineteenth century British cotton textile sector : a noteÓ Gráda, Cormac
Jun-2017Technological Dynamism in a Stagnant Sector: Safety at Sea during the Early Industrial RevolutionKelly, MorganÓ Gráda, Cormac
Sep-2005Technological progress under learning by imitationKelly, Morgan
8-Jan-2018Tenure Mixing to Combat Public Housing Stigmatization: external benefits, internal challenges and contextual influences in three Dublin neighbourhoodsCarnegie, AnnaNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
2006Territorial politics and Irish cyclingHoward, Kevin
2002Territory and politics in Ireland and Great Britain after devolution ; Implications of devolutions for EnglandAughey, ArthurPartridge, Simon
Dec-1994Testing normality in bivariate probit models : a simple artificial regression based LM testMurphy, Anthony
Nov-1988Tests for the macroeconomic effects of large-scale migration based on the Irish experience 1947-87Walsh, Brendan M.
2006Theoretical concepts of partition and the partitioning of IrelandRankin, K. J.
18-Jan-1996Theoretical foundations of the "Geary method" for international comparisons of purchasing power and real incomesNeary, J. Peter
Mar-2007A theory of child targetingDonni, OlivierBargain, Olivier
Dec-2001A theory of the impediments to environmental tax reformClinch, J. PeterDunne, Louise
12-Jun-2007There’s no such thing as a free lunch : altruistic parents and the response of household food expenditures to nutrition program reformsBingley, PaulWalker, Ian
25-Aug-2015These Little PIIGS Went to Market: Enterprise Policy and Divergent Recovery in European PeripheryBrazys, SamuelRegan, Aidan