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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The Irish non-voter : evidence from the Irish National Election Study and Living in Ireland surveysDelaney, Liam
1992The Irish paper pound of 1797-1820 : some cliometrics of the bullionist debateÓ Gráda, Cormac
19-May-1993The Irish pound and the ERM : lessons from the September crisis and its aftermathWalsh, Brendan M.
Oct-1991The Irish recovery 1987-90 : an economic miracle?Barry, Frank
2004An Irish republican tradition?Garvin, Tom
2010Irish women writers of children's literature 1870-1940Cahill, Susan
Jan-2009Is employer-based health insurance a barrier to entrepreneurship?Fairlie, Robert W.Kapur, KanikaGates, Susan M.
Jan-2010Is informality bad? Evidence from Brazil, Mexico and South AfricaBargain, OlivierKwenda, Prudence
Mar-2007Is macroeconomic uncertainty bad for macroeconomic performance? Evidence from five Asian countriesBredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
2005Is North and South East Asia becoming a Yen block?Kearney, ColmMuckley, Cal
2003Is religion in Northern Ireland politically significant?Mitchell, Claire
Jan-2002Is the celtic tiger a paper tiger?Ó Gráda, Cormac
Jan-1989Is the Irish public sector a burden?O'Riordan, William K.
Sep-2004Is there a high technology pecking order? An investigation of the capital structure of NTBFs in the Irish software sectorHogan, TeresaHutson, Elaine
Aug-2009Is there a rural-urban divide? Location and productivity of UK manufacturingRizov, MarianWalsh, Patrick P.
Mar-2010Is there an environmental benefit to being an exporter? Evidence from firm level dataBatrakova, SvetlanaDavies, Ronald B.
2006An island economy or island economies? Ireland after the Belfast agreementBradley, John
2003Issues in emissions trading : an introductionConvery, Frank J.
Feb-2019It’s not just for boys! Understanding Gender Differences in STEMDelaney, Judith M.Devereux, Paul J.
Jan-2015I’ve Been Everywhere (Except Mexico): Investor Responses to NAFTA’s Cross-Border Trucking ProvisionsDavies, Ronald B.Liebman, Benjamin H.Tomlin, Kasaundra