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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2008The Irish economy half a Century agoÓ Gráda, Cormac
1995Irish exchange rate policy under wide ERM bandsThom, Rodney
2010Irish famineEiríksson, Andrés
2005The Irish government and the implementation of the Agreement : a political perspective ; an observer's perspectiveAhern, DermotCollins, Stephen
2003The Irish government and the peace process, 1992-1994 : a political perspective ; an observer perspectiveReynolds, AlbertRafter, Kevin
2005The Irish non-voter : evidence from the Irish National Election Study and Living in Ireland surveysDelaney, Liam
1992The Irish paper pound of 1797-1820 : some cliometrics of the bullionist debateÓ Gráda, Cormac
19-May-1993The Irish pound and the ERM : lessons from the September crisis and its aftermathWalsh, Brendan M.
Oct-1991The Irish recovery 1987-90 : an economic miracle?Barry, Frank
2004An Irish republican tradition?Garvin, Tom
2010Irish women writers of children's literature 1870-1940Cahill, Susan
Jan-2009Is employer-based health insurance a barrier to entrepreneurship?Fairlie, Robert W.Kapur, KanikaGates, Susan M.
Jan-2010Is informality bad? Evidence from Brazil, Mexico and South AfricaBargain, OlivierKwenda, Prudence
Mar-2007Is macroeconomic uncertainty bad for macroeconomic performance? Evidence from five Asian countriesBredin, DonalFountas, Stilianos
2005Is North and South East Asia becoming a Yen block?Kearney, ColmMuckley, Cal
2003Is religion in Northern Ireland politically significant?Mitchell, Claire
Jan-2002Is the celtic tiger a paper tiger?Ó Gráda, Cormac
Jan-1989Is the Irish public sector a burden?O'Riordan, William K.
Sep-2004Is there a high technology pecking order? An investigation of the capital structure of NTBFs in the Irish software sectorHogan, TeresaHutson, Elaine
Aug-2009Is there a rural-urban divide? Location and productivity of UK manufacturingRizov, MarianWalsh, Patrick P.